The NAAFI bar

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Good CO, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. Moderate swearing and offensiveness OK, but no more.

  2. Swearing of any sort, including reference to sex in whatever form.

  3. As above including posts which are specifically insulting to other (anonymous) users / others.

  4. As above, but including extreme racism, sexism and anything else-ism

  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Gentlemen, Ladies,

    The NAAFI bar. Before anyone starts screaming I'm not about to change anything, although moderation policy may be influenced.

    I think most would agree that the 7 dwarfs thread was approaching, at, beyond or way beyond the acceptable limit. That said, the NAAFI bar exists to draw such banter / utter rubbish / unforgiveable nauseating offensive tripe (delete as appropriate) away from the rest of the site. Additionally it has the "if you don't want to read it, don't go in warning" which would appear to do about as much good as writing Smoking Kills on packets of fags, but it is there.

    So, let me know your thoughts on the poll above and by posting if you wish - "What is the Acceptable Limit?". As always the poll is a little simplistic, but please vote by choosing the closest to your opinion and accept that it may not be quite what you want to say.

    One more thing - regardless of anything else, use of real names or other direct identification of anyone, user or otherwise, is totally unacceptable.
  2. Personally, I'm quite shocked by some of the language! :wink:
  3. Option 3 know you wanna!
  5. i deffo go for option 3 :p

    And Ps The First time i was shown the snow white poem was in a real naafi bar ;)
  6. I would have to say, even being the new guy in here, option three may be an option to think about, because some boards don't even have that option. Think about it!

    Si vi pacem, para bellum.
  7. YES YES it has to be three,but since this is not the said bar,I shall not say so vociferously.Thank you. 8)
  8. then, there's a word. How many words can you make from the letters in it.

    So far I've got FUC, FUCIR, FUCS & FUCIRS and in German I have FIC, FCIR, FICS & FCIRS!

    HOw many others can you find? You bunch of FUCIRS
  9. For my money, you either call it A Bit Like A NAAFI BAR and make any one of the options but four the rules for moderating, or you have anything goes as in option four and call it NAAFI BAR

    And Ma, is it right that you are a German plane enthusiast? You Fokker
  10. Agree with Shotgun. Anyone that’s been in a real one knows that option 4 is the closest to the truth, but, may make it a bit too sensitive for a sight that we know for a fact has been linked to from the beeb and the guardian.

    Those fcukers probably wouldn't get the humour in the block NCO yelling "Black Jobs" out of the door to our resident african every time block jobs were due or piling up our boots outside the resident asians room with a big note saying "clean these".

    Both gave as good as they got and to me it was no different that calling the jocks a nation of skirt wearing transvestites, the welsh a nation of animal abusers or the irish a nation of potatoe farmers.

    So, option 3 gets mine. I look at it the same as being in the NAAFI whilst the press were there, no fcuker behaved, no one stopped the swearing or the abuse but no one fed the gutter snipes with ammo that could lable us as "racist" either.

    The “sexism” option shouldn’t have been bundled in with option 4 though, everyone knows that Doris’s are crap at being soldiers.

    Oh yeah, it’s also been noted that the VAST majority of visits to the site are to the NAAFI and that the vast majority of the complaints have been made by wannabes that have never actually stepped foot in a real one.
  11. Ja! Mein Vater ver ein messerschmitt fahrer in the vor.

    (you try saying that when your pissed)
  12. so am i still allowed to talk about lesbians?
  13. Ive been in a real NAAFI bar and i must say that the site is very tame compaired to it........... and the Sqn Bar i went into was 10 times worse But I was always laughing at the muppets :p