The myth of Muslim integration?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Dominus-Mortis, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. apologies if already posted

    Alton Towers funday....but only if your muslim

    You couldn't make it up....

    The irony though -
    So just to check I'm on the same page here, do we have to integrate into their ways or them into ours?

  2. Dont see what the problem is they're paying for it, it's a private function, hence they can invite and exclude whoever they want.
  3. ok wheres the intergation if only select people are allowed in :?
  4. exactly why I asked the question, when you start down the path of invite and exclude whom you want, you are drifting away from your proposed plan of "integration". Yes, it may be a private function, but I fear this is the start of the slippery slope.

    What if though, it had been the other way round, e.g. a christian fun day and any muslims turning up were expected to act accordingly? There would be bl00dy hell on.

  5. The wedding party actually booked the park first, this is a case of positive discrimination and Muslims forcing their customs on others – which in this case has ruined the happy couples day.

    It shouldn’t be allowed.
    If it were me I’d sue Alton Towers.
  6. The couple were in Alton Towers first and had to adapt.... sounds like a microcosm of whjats happening in UK generally to me.

    City of London Police has launched a ‘Guide to Islam for Non-Muslims’, which is being issued to all frontline officers and staff.

    The guide is the first of its kind to be produced in the UK. It gives readers a practical insight into Islamic culture and customs and an understanding of the beliefs and traditions upheld by Muslims living in Britain. It is hoped that the guide will assist police officers and staff in achieving better relations with the Muslim community in London.

    The book was written by, Mehmood Naqshbandi, a member of the British Muslim community, on behalf of the City of London Police. Mr Naqshbandi works as a technical consultant within the criminal justice system.

    Commenting on the guide, Temporarary Inspector Tim Parsons, Head of Diversity for the City of London Police said:

    “Since the events of 7 July last year, as a force we are increasingly aware of the concerns harboured in some sections of London’s Muslim communities, that police are hostile to Muslims and fundamentally Islamophobic in their attitude. This perception is damaging to police efforts to build trust and confidence with followers of Islam and longer-term efforts to recruit more Muslims into the service.”

    “The new guide, together with the purpose built prayer facilities in our main police stations are just two examples of the ways in which we are continuing to improve the service we provide to the Muslim community. City of London Police is constantly striving to raise understanding and acceptance of Islam both within the organisation and outside.”

    Detective Inspector Bob Lambert from the Muslim Contact Unit at New Scotland Yard said;

    “This new guide is an up-to-date and practical tool for police officers and staff to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Muslim community in Britain. I would recommend it as essential reading for police colleagues engaged in policing Muslim neighbourhoods across the country.”

    Flora Winfield, Assistant Secretary General of Religions for Peace described the new Guide as:

    “By far the best thing of its kind which I have seen produced by a public sector body.”

  7. I know that Muslims from home and abroad have been going to Alton Towers & similar parks for years, and wearing, eating and doing whatever they thought was appropriate without feeling the need for a specially exclusive Muslim day. Groups of Muslims, including women, can be seen visiting all kinds of tourist attractions, along with everyone else. It is just total false propaganda that Muslims are "offended" by other people acting according to their own ways of life. Thousands of us Muslims happily attend weddings of our Christian and non-Muslim friends, conducted in the way that those people wish.

    Ever since I learnt the bizarre claim of some local Councils that we Muslims are supposed to be "offended" by Christians celebrating Christmas, I make a special effort to say Happy Christmas to those who celebrate it.

    - Zahid, Nottingham
    see the majority of muslims are as "normal" as the rest of us
    Alton towers have fcuked up big time and should offer the couple a free wedding (although getting married at a theme park truly chavatastic :twisted: )

    there also running a gay and lesbian day :twisted:
  8. To be fare, it is Alton Towers at fault for booking the two together, not this muslim parties.
  9. To be fair CoLP do have the large Bangladeshi community of Brick Lane on their patch. At least I think they do, I'll check next time I'm down there for a curry.
  10. Can we please have an Anglo Saxon Day?? Beer, Wenches and Fist fights.... would be just like a wedding come to think of it...
  11. dont forget the plastic viking helmets not a wedding without them
  12. That’s just as bad :roll:
  13. So are we going to have a leaflet for muslims "A guide to western christianity and democracy"? I won't hold my breath

    Muslim Neighbourhoods.....Is this how we define "integration"?

    (Confused) DM.
  14. Yes it is Alton towers at fault, but the Muslim Party is still expecting non-muslims turning up to "tow the line".

  15. I'd define them as colonies rather than neighbourhoods.
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