The Mystical Book Of Awesome Postings!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Int_ZBZ, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know of this mystical book I have heard speak of??

    Apparently it contains details of all the possible postings. Especially the ones you dont normaly get to hear about!

    Is this true? or is it just urban legend?

    Does anyone know of any of these, where they are? or you perhaps have had a good time whilst employed on one?

    Would be grateful to hear of an obscure postings you have heard of!

    Kind regards!

  2. I saw a book of that description when I was at Blandford. It was fairly out of date but had some sunshine postings in like Naples and Lisbon.
  3. I think that is the one with just trade posts though.

    It doesn't list the 'nicer' ones. Mine isn't on there.
  4. Lets be realistic here, if Soldier Wing were to publically post all the Gucci postings, how many PPP's would reflect an SET posting to Diego Garcia.

    If you are that interested in something different, ask about, the word soon spreads on these obsucre jobs. The intiative to go and trawl for the wierd or dark side job will result in thumbs up and a nice jolly out of the norm.

    Good luck..
  5. Seen - Vimy C, Catterick, 1989. In the hands of a certain Staff Lewington... top bloke. And I got mine too.... 22 Sigs Lippstadt.
  6. Go on to the MS webesite via DII or LCCS(R) and they are all listed on there!
  7. o yes, saw me all right, what a character.
  8. I heard about this mythical book but never saw it. The choice seemed to be UK or BAOR! I'll see your 22 sigs in 1989 and raise you 28 sigs in same year. It may not have had the exotic glamour of Hong Kong or Brunei but I had a ball for two years there!