The mystery of the missing cash

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hardysa, Dec 31, 2010.

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  1. I've had my paysheet through the post and it has the pay date down as today (31st Dec) but nothing has been paid into my account.

    anyone shed any light on this?
  2. It's not yet midday. Give it till then.
  3. joy.
  4. I got the same, Im guessing that our units admin "cell" last day was on or around the 17th December, our last weekend was on the 11th - 12th December, given the Christmas post and 2nd class post, the attendance register and MMA forms didnt get there in time.

    Its either that or they have pulled the plug on the TA and havent told anyone.
  5. How does that work then? if the money is there all processed and on my paysheet, why should there be a discrepancy between that and the cash actually being there?
  6. I was always told UK accounts get paid Midnight last working day of the month.

    There are loads of reasons, not all attributable to the TA/MoD, that pay might not be in yet - I have sometimes checked online banking that has told me I'm quids in then I have looked at cash machine balance that tell me I haven't been paid but still able to withdraw money.
  7. Ah - misread your first post, totally different situation to mine then, are you checking your account online or have you been to a hole in the wall? I have been paid in the past and the money is actually in the account but takes a few hours or indeed days to appear on my online statements.
  8. Nah, there's nothing showing on my balance or my available balance. Ar5e. Hope there's something good on the box tonight then.

    Now I remember the admin doris mentioning something about the 7th Jan, which is frankly too painful to contemplate and I have no idea why the date should be shifted. It's just a bit odd that it says my pay date is today and the slip is all ticketyboo and then the wonga not appearing.
  9. It won't hit your account until the 1st of the month. i.e. tomorrow. It is the same each month. HNY
  10. Do you get to hold a gun?
  11. Ah, but since tomorrow is a Saturday and a Bank holiday I thought it would have gone in a day early.

  12. Tomorrow is not a bank holiday but monday is. I usaly find that my pay gos in on the first or the next working day so it mite not in untill the 4th
  13. Ive been paid. Gone in as normal.
  14. Fulltime get aid on the last working day of the month, TA get paid on the first working day of the month. Its been like that for about 5 years or so! Why the pay statement shows the last working day is however beyond me!

    Standing by to be corrected by someone who has never served a day in uniform!

  15. Beer tokens went in as per normal on the last working/banking day of the month, been the same for years although IIRC it used to be there by the 28th or the last Thursday of the month.

    OiC home front has it spent within days as per normal too...