The Mystery of the Gun in Sock

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whet, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. So when the Met managed to shoot dead Mark Duggan the inference was that he fired on a policeman. Then, after admitting that the round that lodged itself in a policemans radio actually came from a police weapon, a story was given to the papers that a firearm was found in the taxi that Duggan was travelling in.

    Mr Sparrow of the IPCC has given evidence today that not only did that firearm NOT have Duggans DNA or fingerprints on it, but that it was not in fact found in the taxi at all, but 14 feet away - over a fence.

    Mr Sparrow also admitted that the IPCC is investigating whether a police officer placed the firearm there.

    BBC News - Duggan family's 'breakdown in confidence' in IPCC
  2. So whats your point?
  3. It is quite possible plod have a case to answer here BUT that doesn't excuse the subsequent rioting and looting.
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  4. Quite.Stories like this could start hours and days of mindless rioting and looting.
  5. What a coincidence that a firearm could be found a mere fourteen feet away from blemish free family man and all round good guy Duggan! I wonder if the gun not having his prints or DNA on it and being carried in a sock could possibly be linked?
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  6. I have Whet on ignore but Im guessing this regards the fine upstanding pillar of the community Marc Duggan who's tragic death at the hands of the mets stormtroopers inspired the community into protesting agains police brutality by going on a looting spree
  7. JDL, are you related to mystic meg?
  8. Mr Duggan's death was an utter tragedy: on the day of his funeral, you could'nt get any puff or blow as all the homies wuz givin' it 'nuff respeck in Tottingham. Innit. Amazing how a family on benefits can stump up for a RR cortege of hearse, flower hearse and 8 x lims.
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  9. Would the 'breakdown in confidence' be that the family is no longer confident that the rozzers won't shoot people, who may deserve it?

    Finding a gat within 14 foot of anywhere in Tottenham is not hard to do.

    I do hope there is a suitable collection of flowers near the site of 'Another soljah fallen in battle against the man.'
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  10. Its simple. Suspect has gun in belt and goes for the cross draw. Copper see this and puts one in his chest. Suspect lets go of gun in mid draw and it throw over fence. Second copper hears shot, fires and misses but hits his mate in the radio. I am no expert but I have seen loads of CSI.
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  11. If it was an episode of CSI there would be semen. Everywhere. None o it belonging to Duggan, the police, or the taxi driver.
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  12. Reminder to self: sky+ CSI this week
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  13. As I, like many others, have the scrounger "Whet" on ignore, can anyone tell me if he has woken up long enough to defend his hero Clegg, the 2 faced, u turning idiot who is rumoured to be his leader & claim that the EU & the doomed Euro are still wonderfull institutions ?
  14. Aside from whats already been pointed out it was the IPCC not the Police who suggested a 'gun battle' had happened.

    The IPCC couldn't investigate their own ********.
  15. The truth of the matter is that it doesn't really matter if Duggan was armed or not. If he made a sudden move and continued that move after police had told him to stop then they have the right to open fire.

    That, of course, does not mean that they can go round shooting unarmed members of the public nor does it mean that I condone their actions unreservedly. However, they were arrestinga known criminal and had intelligence that he was habitually armed and that he would most likely be armed when they arrested him.

    If the gun that was found cannot be linked to Duggan then it might as well not have been there unless an independent witness can confirm that it either belonged to Duggan or was thrown there by Duggan.

    I find it difficult to believe that an armed copper would open fire if he didn't believe that his, or others, lives were in imminent danger. If someone whom you believe to be armed makes a suspicious move you are not required to wait until he has killed you before opening fire.

    All that being said it was still the mother of all snafus and total cluster**** and certainly did nothing to improve resident/police relations although I must say that a policeman losing his head this time at least led to one of the bad guys being taken out.
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