The mystery of the DAB & the Mobile Phone!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by india-juliet, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Here's an experiment that I found purely by leaving my mobile next to my DAB Radio.

    Leave the radio on and the phone not to far from it (Battery fully charged), say a foot or two. Come back in under an hour and the battery in the phone is dead!!
  2. I thought Purley was found south-west of Croydon. :?
  3. Is this a WAH?
  4. I leave my phone next to my DAB bedside radio every night, and have my phone close to my DAB car radio regularly, and have not experienced this phenomenon. Are you sure it isn't caused by alien mind-control waves reflecting off your tinfoil hat?
  5. Negative photon rays drain and absorb the posotive photon rays from Nickle-metal-hydride and Littium Ion Batteries.

    Position your handset closer to the wireless in question and point the base of the phone towards the radio and watch the results.

    The handset will absorb the sounds from whatever channel you are on, if you have a Nokia 6230 it will take radio one back in time to the days of Steve wright in the afternoon, the phone will then turn into a four foot transformer who will club fcuk out of you for asking bone questions.
  6. Yehh I think so, Better change the tinfoil!!! :lol:
  7. I got all excited there. thinking IJ had accidentally found a way to transfer power safely and wirelessly...

    Hey-ho , back to the bike shop Orville :)