The mysterious numbers 4 and 5...

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Jun 28, 2006.

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  1. Anybody asking about Special Duties or 14 Int is to be ridiculed until they get the message.

  2. All Int Corps members are to close ranks and defend valiantly against any external criticism, no mat

  3. No post shall include any mention of windows, daylight, outdoors or sunshine - in order to avoid ups

  4. Any moron who refers to us as Intel is to be tagged as a spam-lover, and ignored until finally someb

  5. Newbies who tell us all about their university education, knowledge of umpteen languages and time in

  6. No post shall include any mention of padlocks, fences, armoury doors or CCTV, so as not to over-exci

  7. Anyone asking for assistance on their decision: With my degree, shall I join the Corps as an officer

  8. Any female contemplating joining the Corps should PM their photo and personal details to the Int Cor

  9. Any post which could have even the vaguest connotation of homosexuality, is to be replied to instant

  10. Stationery is not to be discussed in the forum. We have enough trouble convincing ignorant morons t

  1. For those who haven't seen it, a new sticky at the top of the forum outlines the new "rules of engagement" from our beloved moderators.

    Hail to the great moderators! and Davros!

    What about pointless slagging of the glorious Int Corps by corps members?

    Thank you. No longer can those b*stards publicly identify me as "the one with the stretched hoop from his Mortar Platoon days"

    Noooooo. Surely nobody really important reads this to get a feel for what we plebs think? Sorry Sir. That's my promotion prospects f*cked for another ten years :)

    What happened to 4. and 5.? What draconian measures did you delete at the last minute? I think the arrse community have a right to know.

    I am therefore contributing this poll.
    I table the motion that you pick the two most popular, make them 4 and 5, and add them to the "Int Corps Moderation Guidelines" :)


    (or should that be "buy the people"?)
  2. Ever consider that 'intelegence' and 'ability to count to 10 correctly' might not go hand in hand in the green slim sub-life form within the All Girls Corps and that there NEVER was a '4' and '5'?
  3. that's an interesting spelling of intelli... intele... inte... oh you know :)

    and i don't think anybody would ever call me "green slim" :lol:

    so when did they turn you down then?
  4. Where have all the votes come from then? Are they all yours CR?

    And you can remove that thing about upsetting Darksiders. As if a bunch of Lightsiders would cause such a breed of men (and ladies)
    any worry!

    (Hopefully that will cause this thread to generate into the usual puerile stupidityness, at the very least it'll brighten CR's day)
  5. When they found out I couldn spell green slim but not inteligence.....

    Joke lost on the over educated - innit! :p
  6. say again in english?

    do you mean "slime", perchance?
  7. No that's not PC, so it's now "slim". This also covers the fat issue... :oops:
  8. i'm comfortable with who i am.

    i'm in shape.

    round is a shape.
  9. PEREVODKACHICKY. Welcome back!

    What dark, windowless place have you been hidining in? Come on out the sun sun is shining!

    Is your game of D&D finally over?

  10. Course it is sunshine, now here's some stickers for your desk!!

    Attached Files:

  11. CR's fat issue should cover it anyway 8O

    10/10 for actually reading Cpunks latest attempt at controlling the unruly persons that post here! I suppose I should also read it before he PMs me again!!
  12. don't know about you 1771, but i intend to take my new vetting responsibilititties very seriously :)
  13. Does that mean that you are now chief snitch? :?

    What other powers do you have??? IS Big Brother watching?
  14. you didnt read the poll options then? thought the word "titties" snuck in there might have highlighted the levity... :roll:
  15. If you consider the Corps RSM, DCOS, TDA and the rest of the Directorate, your Brothers then the answer is a big, unreserved ....