The mysterious Afghan warlord, Britains hope?


From The TimesJanuary 12, 2008

The mysterious Afghan warlord trusted to spread peace in a divided provinceAnthony Loyd in Chaghali, Helmand
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Britain’s last chance of securing this treacherous corner of Afghanistan lies in the hands of a piratical, black-turbaned figure with long beard, white cloak and silver-sequinned slippers with curled toes.

Mullah Abdul Salaam may not look much like a white knight. He served as a commander in the Taleban and even today his true loyalties remain suspect. The 45-year-old former Mujahidin guerrilla could, however, decide the fate of the British mission to stabilise the lawless province of Helmand, where this week he was put in charge of the key district of Musa Qala.

“He’s not just the best show in town,” one British officer remarked. “He’s the only show in town.”
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IMHO if people like this can ease tensions and stop things going into a bloody sectarian civil war we have to take these opportunities. Its better keeping your enemies closer and monitor them than having to fight a guerilla war instead of rebuilding. Surely we should of learnt some lessons from Iraq.

But what right of opinion have i got.
It might be a sign that things are moving in the right direction if this bloke is throwing in his lot with the govt. sems like a positive development. Interesting article.
It it saves a few of our troops lives then its the right thing to do.

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