The MQ Carbon Footprint

I know for a fact that the gas ans electricity bills for my patch are rediculously high due to the integrity of the builds. The heat pour from gaps in the roof and leaky, poorly maintained windows and doors. When it's cold outside, it's cold inside, regardless how high the heating is on.

Should the DHE be doing more to ensure that we are not being wasteful, whilst ensuring that soldiers are not at the wrong end of soaring fuel prices. It is the general consensus on my estate, and fuel bills are on the whole 10-20% more expensive than living in a privately maintained property where you'd do everything in your power to protect yourself from the price hikes. Givent the opportunity I'd do the improvements myself, the outlay is justly outwieghed by the savings.

DHE's response to my request was, do what you want, but, the improvements must be removed on march out!

What can we do?
It seems you can't do anything. Why would the MOD want to improve the energy efficiency of its rented accomodation? We pay for the electricity and heat lost. There are so many more ways to achieve it's carbon emmision targets before it even thinks about our accomodation.
If we were to self help it would mean that the work done would have to be certified by them which would cost plus can you imagine what the newspapers would make of it.
I work in the world of Facilities Management (looking after buildings) and the MOD Policy is not to fund any energy saving measures unless the pay back is less than one year. Which is very short sighted, you won't be able to do much to a building that gets your money back in one year. How many businesses in Civvy Street work on a one year plan...answer none.

There are some people who are pushing for the measures to bring in efficient systems, but this is within the MoD infrastructure and not the DEHD houses. When a so called saving can be made in year (unlikely) this can be met within budgets, where it falls after the financial year its a matter of getting funding or getting a budget manager to bite the bullet.

For housing the DEHD have little interest as they only pay when the
properties are empty. Recently housing standards had been brought to the fore in the media etc, but the government copped out by stating the costs of the DEHD giving the impression that this was government investment in housing as opposed to spending on agencies.

There is a current limited trial scheme using a 'XY/FSS/UK norm' style scheme. Use of that then does put the primary expenditure to the MoD and occupants subscribe to the scheme with reasonable charges. There are 2 aims which are that it becomes worthwhile to make the investment, plus house utilities will benefit from the national utilities contracts.
Why can't they do something useful like the Home Energy Efficiency Scheme? It would cut our bills and save energy wastage. DHE et al are a bunch of hypocrites.

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