Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by contact_wait_out, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. I am sure most people on this forum will have worked with the MPGS is one way or another. I have worked with them on Barrack Guard's numorous times and the only experiences I have had with them have being negative. Here are a few things I would liek to bring up...

    It all seems that MOST of them have a major point to prove. Maybe something they didn't have the chance to prove when they were real SOLDIERS. I don't particurlary care what they did in the Army however I don't appreciate them giving me a shit time because they went on excerise to brecon once.

    Are they auctually taught how to communicate to other human beings, it seems they think "OI" is an acceptable way to speak to trained soldiers. Bearing in mind they are civvys. Their lack of manners is fucking annoying and their arrogance to everyone is not acceptable.

    Granted some of them acutually do their job, the ones at training depots generally seem alright. However the ones I have seen at working Regiments generally annoy the shit out of me. And how they get away with being cocks is beyond me...

    The fact that they grip Trained Soldiers for their turnout....What the fuck, have you seen the state of their webbing when they stag on the gate.

    I am sure there will be some MPGS lovers on here and I more than expect comments like "man up and stop sucking your mums nipple" however I am interested to hear other comments on the MPGS and see if its just my misfortune that I have run into the "cocks" among them. I know there are some decent blokes within them who do auctually like having a conversation and don't just chin you off cause you wernt there back in "73"
  2. I'm going to be a pedantic cunt and say that they technically ARE soldiers on a HC engagement.

    They definitely have a higher than average percentage of arseholes on their strength though.
  3. Ye athey give that shite about they auctually are soldiers...however when it comes to acting like one they don't like to comply...cunts
  4. There was an MPGS type who came on here a couple of months ago complaining about the general lack of discipline at his location. They seem to be on a bit of a cushy number so god knows why they need to spend their time being cocks to people!

    "Barrier up!"
  5. I've been checked through various main gates around Edinburgh and the central scotland area and have only once been mildly irritated by MPGS guy, who cracked a funny , and I thought he was a cunt 'cause it wasn't funny at all. this could have been due to the fact it was thursday morning and wednesday night is wine night(midweek) in the beagle household, and I did have a bit of a hangover, ( I was not the driver)
    Generally found the gaurds to be friendly, just doing their job. Maybe they managed to get up your nose because they are not too impressed with you or your regiment maybe they have seen it all before. It is a pretty thankless job and one more duty you would have to do if they weren't there. mod plods on the other hand can be a general pain in the arse..... how the fuck was I to know my ID card had expired....took me an extra 5 minutes to book in and fucking thoughtless
  6. I know what you mean, I am gald I am not the only who noticed it. They all seem intent on making everyones life shite and bambling on about how the Army is so easy nowdays.
  7. serco was doing their job down here. fuckwits in white shirts instead.
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  8. my bold........
  9. A touch of jealousy there perhaps?
  10. I hope they were at least armed!
  11. They really, really, really bite when you ask them what they did when they were in the real Army.
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  12. Man up. Move over and let me have a crack at yer mums nipple.
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  13. Jealously? Nah I don't think so, maybe they should auctually do their job.
  14. then fuck off home?????
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  15. no.