The Mountains

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by TABBER, Apr 10, 2003.

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  1. This board is dead so I thort Id try and suck some life back into it.

    Anyone done any expeds latly? I went up the beacons a couple of months back for a joldie, wasn't to bad.
  2. Is anyone else goiing to the 'Gala Celebration' on the 29th May in London to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ascent of Everest?
  3. Surely that would depend on whether or not you rekon Comine and Irvine did it first, in which case it would be 54 years or some such  ;D
  4. I thought it was leigh-Mallory who did it back in the 20's, armed with nothing more than a stout tweed jacket and a good pair of walking brogues?
    If they ever find his camera, it might prove that he was the first on Everest.

    Anyway, I think he did it, with 10% of the equipment most expeds use , the remaining 90% was compensated by being British (Damn your eyes)
    Well here's the story..
  5. TABBER,

    I've been to Italy a couple of times. Was there last year in the Lattari Mountains nr Salerno/Sorrento area. (I'm moving jobs this next couple of weeks, so I'll try to post some pics once I'm settled.) Loads to do in that area, and it's not busy like some places.

    Also did some skiing up in Andolo in the Dolomites. Brilliant up there. Depending on the new job, I'll probably try some Via Ferrata this year too around Cortina.

    No matter where you go in Italy, there's bound to be a big dod of Limestone somewhere to bugger-about on.

    Prodigal, I definately WON'T be going to any mass gathering of climbers. :D Too many big Southern Nancy boy accents talking absolute pish for ma liking! ;D

    And to keep the banter going (seeing as it's dead in here)  ;)....The snow and ice has just about gone. Ice axes and crampons are back in the cupboard. I was in Glenshee the other day there on the Cairnwell side tabbing around a few Munro's. What's everyone else been up to? :)
  6. Aww bugger-it. I thought you said Italy. Half asleep here!
  7. Yeah, Mallory is the one they found about 18 months ago, and they were going to try looking for Andrew Irvine, the one with the camera. Some Chinese bods say they saw a 'sitting dead Englishman', and George Mallory was found face down arms outstretched, as if he had been falling down the mountain. Hope they do find him, and the camera with the necessary.

    PTP, totally agree with you, don't feel that the Spams or any other people at the time would have been able to do it, just don't have the required mentality and determination in general.
  8. It's just that I'm going and I was wondering if anyone else was! Please don't think, for a single minute, that I'm anything heroic like one of those craazy people that hangs off 100s of feet of rock, with nothing stronger than a bit of rope between them and strawberry jam - I'm not!!!!! :eek:

    I just have a deep curiosity about, and interest in, people who do adventurous stuff.
  9. What's wrong with the above?  I quite enjoy it.   :D

    Don't knock it until you've tried it.  

    (there is always the nutters called free climbers who don't even bother with the bit of rope)  
  10. I'm afraid the closest I ever got was doing JSMEL (Summer - in 4 feet of snow in Wales in January.........) and running a pub frequented by mountaineers, pot holers and bikers In Manchester...........

    I have read that starting off on climbing walls at Leisure centres is a good way to be broken in gently - true, or not?!
  11. I'd say it's true, i go to my local climbing wall a fair bit, it's a very good way to get started.  Most Climbing centres also run days out to climb on real rock too.  In all of the centres i have been to, the staff have been very friendly, and willing to offer any assistance required.  
    You don't need to worry about buying expensive equipment either, as you should be able to hire this from the centre, all you will need is a pair of trainers and some, comfortable clothing that will allow a full range of movement.  
  12. Thanks very much Pile, that's useful. I don't suppose you know any in Wiltshire, do you?
  13. Naw Prodigal....I didn't think that for a minute!  ;D

    Here's the BMC Indoor Wall Database:

    You'll find your nearest there. Buy yourself a pair of stickies and a chalk bag and go fer it!
  14. Stickies and chalk bag??!!!!! Are you mad, man??!!!! I'm afraid I could only just about handle a wee incline that lead to a good pub at the moment!! ;D
  15. Try the website and follow the link for finding your nearest crag/wall.