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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by iLoveYourMumDrunk, Apr 17, 2011.

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  1. Whilst on duty this morning a phone was handed into me from the cleaner who said he had found it whilst cleaning up the NAAFI this morning.

    I thought I'd have a look through the photo's so as to identify the person who's phone it could be returned to them of course.

    To my delight I found two photo's, one of which has the NAAFI bird sporting a lovely outfit clearly from Ann Summers, suspenders 'n' all. And another posing on a bed with her tits out, taken herself.

    Now my predicament. My fellow collegues (who would obviously appreciate this awsome find) do not come into work for another 2 hours.

    Do I;

    A. Do the good thing and hand it back to her now as she must be worried

    or B. Wait 2 hours so me and my muckers can have a good auld gawp at it for about 30 minutes?

    Your help and advice is greatly appreciated
  2. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    A true gent would post the pics on here first obviously...
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  3. You should forward the pictures to yourself, erase the phone's message log to hide your naughtiness, and then post the pictures on here.
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  4. What's wrong with a little innocent blackmail?
  5. If she is fit then forward pics to yourself. If she has a face that would scare a police riot horse hand it back and disinfect hands.
    Same thing happened to me once (shudder) had to pour bleach in my eyes so the pain took the image away
  6. Picccies FFS, do you really need to ask?
  7. Fixed it for you.

    Buggers, those mirrors, aren't they! :evil:
  8. Running out of bleach
  9. Bluetooth surely
  10. Why are the pics not on here yet?
  11. Because it didn't really happen. There is no phone, and therefore no pics. The OP is lying to appear interesting.

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  12. I see the duty morale hoover is doing his runs... Bore off sad act and go find some other joy to kill

    Anyway she came in to see if it had been handed in so had to hand it back I'm afriad. I couldn't do anything with the photo's as I'm in theater. She wasn't the best looking, but don't get me wrong I still would smash her back doors in... She looked like Denise from loose women but 10 years younger, and she is scouse so you know she would be filth!

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  13. Oh dear, you had to hand the phone back, and you were unable to get the photos. How very convenient.

    Do one, you fucking spunkbubble.

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  14. Well, if your luck's in, maybe someone will tell her about this thread ... and she won't tell her boyfriend. :twisted:
  15. ILYM

    You are a Hugh Heffner or Rupert Murdoch walt!

    For shame