The Mother of All Nightmares

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Markintime, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. Chairman Brown announces that the credit crunch and the state of the economy have now become so bad that he is declaring a state of emergency; he suspends Parliament and forms an Economy Steering Committee who will decide on all future economic and governmental policy. Because the economy covers every aspect of our life he appoints Economic Commissars to 'supervise' councils. These Commissars are given the power to enter any property, at any time for any purpose. The Armed Forces will have economic commissars at all levels through the CoC.
  2. Don't even fcuking joke about stuff like that, mate.

    You'll give the cnuts new ideas... :evil:
  3. I'd like to see him try.
    Then I'd like to see what HM the Queen orders the army to do to his bollocks
  4. There is a fairy Godmother to save you.

    She's called Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second....

    We've been round this bouy before, but in essence, while Brown can impose a State of Emergency, HMQ has the power to stop him, even if it is by the expedient of sacking him and calling an election. States of Emergency do not supersede the power of the monarch. There is more than enough evidence (most of it elucidated by Peter Hennessey) that she takes this democracy lark seriously, and any attempt by a PM to turn himself into Hitler on the Thames is only going to end one way, and it won't work out well for the over-mighty PM or anyone attempting to support him.

    Of course, Gordon could always try to have her arrested and interned, but the question would be whether the CR2s squadron sent by CGS would get through the security gates at Downing Street before the mob of Daily Mail and Sun readers with burning torches (encouraged, no doubt, by a Sun headline - State of Emergency - Brown Arrests Queen and Bans Strictly. Rise Up! Says Brucie) drag him out and hang him from a lamp-post, or before the RAF illustrate that the Typhoon with a targeting pod can, indeed, perform effective ground attack. OK, so they might get number 11 by mistake, but I think we'd all accept that?

    And Nu Lab Commissars in the forces? Please.

    Give em about ten minutes - they'd be Nu Lab apparatchiks and most of them have the presence of a bag of salad, so their would be take over of the forces isn't going to last long. A case of no plan for dictatorship survives contact with the guard commander. Imagine if they tried to take over the RSM's battalion -

    'And, yes, Sir is right that it would be a good idea if he were to clean up the brown matter that escaped from his trouser leg and sullied my parade ground when I reduced him to tears with some harsh language very fcuking quickly indeed or I'll be rubbing Sir's head in it as a key learning point....'

    And assuming that any of them made it in one piece past the RSM, can you imagine any Commissar turning up at an HQ and demanding to take command?

    From, say, Lt General GCM Lamb DSO, Several Other Postnominals?

    Assuming they survived, they'd be reduced to a tearful wreck within seconds, begging the good general to please reduce the frequency of his use of 'fcuk' and 'cnut' to ever other word because it's upsetting them and is oppressive, while his garotting the Commissar with his tie, while an innovative form of welcome, is completely against all accepted measurements of maintaining dignity in the workplace...
  5. For some reason I find the idea of the words:

    "Bayonets..fix - that barsteward to the wall" being uttered by HM to be amusing...

    And why does "Economic Steering Committee" just make me think of Broon at the helm of 'HSM British Economy' with an eye patch grinding the hull up on some rocks?

    Oh wait, its actually happening :roll:
  6. Quality post. :D :lol:
  7. Her majesty would never use word like that, She would delegate HRH Prince Philip instead to say it. (and more knowing him).
  8. They know their time is limited and are probably deciding the best time to withdraw, after possibly one of the most disastrous parliamentary decades in this country's history. They know who really serves in the name of the Queen and not in the name of the Government. The next incumbents, just like all before them, will pick and choose from the remnants of failure and then abolish the Human Rights Act. "whatto !!, the plebs came to heel long ago".
  9. the problem we have is that the police seem to be very much in bed with the ruling party. y'know like third world countries where the chief of police is the brother of the president. any 'liberation' would be opposed by the police who know thier fates are linked to that of the labour party.
  10. Bit like DDR then ? Not that I'm drawing comparisons but civil officers, restrainment, secret files, databases, spying, etc etc. Fcuk 8O
  11. I don't think most rank and file coppers would opposed it, Those that do might want to look at how many people they have compared to the British army.
  12. Is this CA or the NAAFI
  13. we are discussing important constitutional issues. quite appropriate for CA. ok, there is some suppositiona and scenario analysis, but it is useful to study these things.
  14. Not really , the opening post assumes we haven't a House of Lords or Opposition parties.

    >>> Int Cell
  15. That very cartoon appeared in the Daily Express. Except it was 1979 instead of 2009. And it Jim Callaghan holding the wheel instead of Broon.

    Labour really have reverted to type haven't they?