The most youve drunk in one day

Things are pretty quiet on here tonight. Must admit, I don't feel desperately inspired meself. Anyway, what's the most you've ever boozed in a 24 hour period. My personal record is 19 Czech beers and the equivalent of somewhat over a quarter bottle of spirits. My best mate managed 2 bottles of vodka once. Be honest, don't fib.
I drink in excess of 1 bottle of JD regularly.

On Rugby tour, or Army V Navy.......who knows??


Last Nov,seven or so pints Guiness & 2/3L whiskey,but I'd just been laid off!
Quality not quantity, I once drunk 8 bottles of barley wine


When it says very strong on the label its not kidding, the next day I was at work with only a fanatical bible basher and an overflowing chmical bog for company

Not my finest hour
Dead on Eleven Pints. (Although the eleventh soon retreated)

It was also Czech beer. I spent the whole night P1ssing and the next day still hammered, the evening feeling ill, The night hungover and the next day shaking.

Learned my lesson. Stick to my usual 6 Pint Rule.

Lightweight, maybe.



im quite a light weight so 20 cans of bud which came up with whole sasauges my friend wasnt happy about that the next morning i also passed out in the bathroom. good night really
I don't really know but my best guess is two bottles of gin and some other stuff. How I didn't die, I don't know. I was unconcious for around 36 hours and eventually woke with the mother of all hangovers. I couldn't even smell gin for about ten years without gagging
Contrarian said:
The alcoholics haven't begun to post on this thread yet.

Funny you should mention that. I sat and had a steady and reasonably sensible conversation with a bloke the other night. He'd done a slab in just under 5 hours.

I'd be dead. He was just drinking it because he was given it.

Next day the cnut was bouncing off the walls.


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I once drank around a dozen cans of heineken, followed by a bottle and a good half of JD.

I woke up the following morning to a vile JD like smell to find I'd puked all over the bed in my sleep and I was lucky not to have choked on it. I haven't been able to stand the smell of it since.
Hmmm, now I come to think of it, there was a momentous weekend round a mate's flat in Wasaw a few years ago. I remember very little after the first couple of hours, but according to eyewitnesses, I sat in the same armchair for 2 whole days, lapsing in and out of consciousness just long enough to have a long pull at the lighter fuel or whatever it was that was on offer. I do remember walking to the busstop like Chicken George off Roots, though!


24 cans of guinness at a all day bbq...............spent 2 days sat in bedroom in bathroom in bedroom and so on never again
KevinB said:
Contrarian said:
The alcoholics haven't begun to post on this thread yet.

:eek: You are kidding? Was just thinking, is the whole Brit army alcoholics?



in volume: a couple of liters of cider
in alcohol content: about 4 shots of absynthe.

i bottled. the girl who didn't, downed 8, then threw up all over the guys apartment/white towels/tshirts... and his parents were due home later :p

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