The most versatile word in the English language?

Fcuk:- Our most versatile word. By it’s stress and inflection and use covers all and every emotion. No other word can be used in such grammatical variation and with such various nuances.
It can be used a noun {I don’t give a fcuk!} as an adjective { it’s a fcuking beauty!} and as a verb in its transitive form {the game was fcuked by the weather} and the intransitive form {he was well and truly fcuked it up!}

Every day expressions shows it’s true versatility:-

Apathy - Who gives a fcuk anyway!
Denial - I’ll be fcuked if I did!
Derisory - He fcuks everything up!
Goodbye - Fcuk off!
Greeting - How the fcuk are you!
Perplexity - I know fcuk all about it!
Resignation - Oh! Fcuk!

The F word has of course been used by some very famous people throughout the ages, some of the more notable examples of them being:-

“What the fcuk was that flash?” - Mayor of Hiroshima
“Where’s all that fcuking water coming from” - Captain of the Titanic
“Look at all those fcuking indians” - General Custer
“What a place to plant a fcuking tree” - Marc Bolan
“There are no fcuking mountains near her” - Jim Reeves
“That’s not a real fcuking gun” - John Lennon
“The fcuking throttle’s stuck” - Sir Donald Campbell
“I’m outside the fcuking exclusion zone” - Captain of the ‘General Belgrano
“Who’s going to fcuking know” - President Nixon
“Who’s fcuking head is going to roll?” - Anne Bolyne
“Watch those arrows, they will have some fcukers eye out" - King Harold
“It’s my best fcuking coat” - Michael Foot
“Fcuk the archers” - Dauphine of France - 1405
“I can smell fcuking petrol” - Nikki Lauder
“She’s just a fcuking secretary” - Cecil Parkinson
“He’s just a fcuking friend” - Jeremy Thorpe
“If he won’t dip his head lights I’ll be fcuked if I’ll dip mine” - James Dean
“What fcuking map” - Mark Thatcher
“What fcuking log” - Richard Branson
“What fcuking tax return” - Lester Piggott
“Any fcuker can understand that” - Einstein
“It does fcuking look like her” - Picasso

Any more?


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"What fcuking body" - Mr McCann

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