The most Spectacularly Tasteless Head-line. Ever.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bernoulli, Jun 11, 2004.

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  1. The Weekly Award for most spectacularly tasteless head line is hereby awarded to the Daily Sport.


    A picture of Baroness Thatcher resting her hand on Ronald Reagan's coffin. The headline?


    The article then managed, unbelievably, to go that one step lower. It described Nancy Reagan "stroking the whole length" of the coffin, and described the custom of placing a fallen warriors boots back to front in the stirrups as commemorating a horse "that had lost it's rider".
    Pure class :roll: .
  2. Since when has a death been something to make smut of. Oh well what can you expect from the sport!!
  3. Doesn't surprise me for the Sport at all.

    However I'd like to the Press complaints do something about it, but don't hold your breath though :roll:
  4. I think they get away with it because they exist in this strange little niche, where they they are not considered a proper paper as such. None of the "Great and the good" read it, so they are very much below the horizon in terms of what they print. One of their most unpleasant features is their round up of current court cases.

    "Since when has a death been something to make smut of. Oh well what can you expect from the sport!!"

    Since about the same time that rape, sexual assault and child-abuse were considered suitable subjects to give the smut-treatment.
    The trials they "cover" are almost exclusively rape or sexual assault cases, which they write up in a manner aimed at titillating their hairy-palmed readership. This includes, unforgivably, the Caroline Dickinson case. I don't buy the f*cking thing, it's one of the papers we get at work.
  5. Tastless, yes...but...The Sport wrote 'Bus found on moon' for gawds sake!

    And lets face their readership actually favour the 'stories' over the tits? Methinks not!

    Talking of tits.....check this one out



  6. Fair dos, Zoe. Any paper that publishes numerous contact numbers for "Fat house-wives gagging for it now" is probably not to be judged at the same level as as the Washington Post. Doesn't excuse them from a little human decency though.
  7. That is a tasteless, contemptible headline. I've never heard of the publication, but I've never been in the UK, either.

    Here is what might be what they call an "apocryphal" story. I mean that I can't prove it's really true. The late Bernarr Macfadden once operated a tabloid empire in the USA. Supposedly, a headline in one of his publications once thus announced the escape of a psychopath, from a hospital for the criminally insane, and the commission, by the escapee, of a rape:

  8. :lol:

    Yep, that sounds pretty similar to the "Sport". The nearest equivalent that I know of in the States is the "National Enquirer", but it is a lot more obnoxious. The Daily Sport is ran to a very simple formula. Any "straight" news stories are bought from a wire service, and occupy about two paragraphs. The other 95% of the paper is adverts for dodgy contact sevices, porn DVDs etc, or stories that are just made up.
    To give an example of their priorities, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, they tucked the story in at the bottom of page 2 :roll:
  9. :lol: I am currently raising a litter of six black Labradors. I get a wad of newspapers from the local newsagent, just to soak up the inevitable byproducts.
    I find that, whilst the broadsheets cover a considerable area of the whelping box, it is the 'redtops' that do best in soaking up everything that these six little tykes manage to produce.
    Out of all of the tabloids the Daily Sport is undoubtedly the best; dry or wet, it doesn't matter, it's full of p*ss and sh*t whichever way you look at it! :twisted: