The Most Selfish Woman in Britain?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OldSnowy, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just saw this in today's papers:

    My sister won't give life-saving bone marrow

    By Nigel Bunyan Last Updated: 1:26am GMT 24/03/2007

    A cancer sufferer claimed yesterday that his sister had refused to donate her bone marrow. Mr Pretty: 'I can't believe that she would let my three children lose their father'. Simon Pretty, 46, has been told by doctors that without a bone marrow transplant he has only months to live, leaving his girlfriend, Jacqueline Fenton, to bring up their three children, Rebecca, eight, Jack, six, and Benjamin, three, on her own.

    Mr Pretty, a businessman from Mobberley, Cheshire, said yesterday: "I won't beg Helen for her bone marrow. "I can't believe that she would let my three children lose their father." He recalled being reduced to tears after finding a handwritten prayer in his daughter's coat pocket which read: "Please don't let my daddy die from cancer."

    The Anthony Nolan Trust has been unable to identify any other suitable donor in Britain. As a result Mr Pretty, the human resources manager of a Liverpool-based media company, is now clinging to the faint hope that another donor can be found.

    However, that is unlikely because he has a rare tissue type and his sister is believed to be the only person in the world who is a perfect match. Miss Fenton said: " The past few months have been hell." Mr Pretty was diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia in July 2004. His sister was tested as a potential bone marrow donor and found to be a perfect match.

    He claims that she initially agreed to the donation, only to change her mind at a later date. He claims that she gave no reason for her change of heart. Mr Pretty, who is no longer on speaking terms with his 43-year-old sister, said: "We were not close as children but I have always encouraged my children to play with her children as I think family life is very important. "

    The businessman is currently having chemotherapy treatment at the Christie Hospital, Manchester. "The treatment is tough and it is tortuous to go on with it," he said.

    "I have had a skin-full of chemotherapy and all the side effects which go with it. I will continue the treatment and continue to look for an alternative match. I have to remain hopeful, I have a young family and I have to keep my spirits up for them."

    Miss Pretty, the mother of two children, runs a private education business from her executive-style detached home in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

    She has refused to comment on her brother's allegations. Last night a sign on her door read: "No journalists".

    Miss Fenton visited Miss Pretty in the hope that she would change her mind.

    "She opened the front door half way and I told her that things were desperate and the children thought their daddy was going to die.

    "She said, 'Sorry, I am not doing it'.

    "I asked her to give me a reason and she said, 'I am putting my family first'.

    "I was so upset and I said, 'Don't you care if your brother dies?' She said, 'It's very sad'."

    Miss Fenton acknowledges that she was arrested after launching herself at her sister-in-law.

    Police took no further action but she later received a solicitor's letter warning her to stay away.

    This strikes me as an incredibly selfish attitude. As far as I am aware bone marrow transplantation is a painful and nasty procedure, but certainly not life-threatening.

    What would you do? Kidnap her one night? Chop off a leg and use the bits that way? Camp outside her house until you die hideously? Train your children and make them swear to get vengeance even unto the third generation? All in all, quite astonishing, although he is probably now regretting pulling his sister's hair many years ago. I admire his girlfriend though!
  2. My wife read that out to me this morning with steam coming out of her ears (she was stood to near the kettle) and I said well maybe they hate each other and she replied that she hoped her head fell off in an RTA! It certainly rattle her cage.

  3. Any Operation is potentially life threatening due to undergoing anaesthesia, but you would have thought with the relatively low risk to herself that she would gladly save the life of her own Brother! but you never know, this may not be the whole story maybe they loathed each other when they were younger!

    Its very sad but who are we to judge, you can only hope the fella does manage to find a Donor in the few months he has left.
  4. Absolutely!

    I signed up to be a bone-marrow donor on my 18th birthday, paid for my own initial tissue-typing test and within the first year I'd been tested to a higher level twice more. I've yet to be contacted to actually donate, but it's the same reason I give blood - there's so little one can do to actually change people's lives for the better and it's such a small thing that it's selfish not to.

    All the literature I've read about the marrow-harvesting procedure is that the donor is likely to have bad bruising around the thigh and hip area and the site aches for a good few weeks thereafter, but FFS, balance that against how bloody chuffed you'd feel for saving someone's life and preventing their family from having to mourn their loss and it's nothing.

    Now for the public broadcast message: Please sign up to the Anthony Nolan Trust, especially if you're a man or of non-white European origin as those are the donor profiles they're most short of. It's a simple blood test and you really could save and change lives!
  5. Yes read this one this morning and whilst I agree there could be more to the story, I don't understand how she can say she's putting her family first (brother?) and then stand by and not help her neice and nephews keep their father. :frown:
  6. No matter what, I would give bone marrow if possible (I am on the list too).

    I would give it to tony bliar if he needed it. You don't stand around and let someone die, if you CAN help. It is worse if it is your own brother and his children.

    On the other hand, maybe she has a condition that would mean the operation was worse than normal.
  7. I struggle to think of any reason that you would effectively kill your own brother.

    Even if she is scared. I wonder if she will go to the funeral. They might have to dig another hole.
  8. I wouldn't help save someone if I didn't like them.
  9. Nice sentiment C F.

    This only paints half a story. Would be interested to know her reasons why she won't give her bone marrow.
  10. As would I, but it appears that she's been given a chance to explain her side of the story and has chosen not to do so.

    I don't get along with my siblings don't choose your family, after all. But if I could prevent one of them from dying horribly by an uncomfortable medical procedure that I'd survive, then I'd do it in a second. Her reasons for withdrawing would have to be pretty fcuking good for the average person to understand.

    Unless further light is shed on her reasons, I nominate this woman for the 2007 Lianne Smith Callous B!tch Award.
  11. What a cowardly, selfish and spiteful bitch. Who gives a fcuk if you don't like the guy? You crack on regardless. Jesus Christ.

    Hopefully the local press has taken up on this and the bint's client base is declining rapidly.
  12. I must say on the face of it the story makes her look like a complete fcuking cow I hope she can live with herself.
  13. We are not getting the full story, it's not a case of her saying "no I can't be arsed" is it.

    edited to add;
    Suppose this woman has found out that her brother has been abusing one of her kids ? would you then help save his life ?
  14. And there was me thinking it was another Cherrie PMs wife thread!

    Takes some degree of being a bitch to beat CB QC as the country's most selfish woman!
  15. True, we're not getting the full story, but basic humanity dictates that unless someone has done something seriously against our morals then we should be good samaritans. In this case it could be that he's done something so offensive to her that she can't bring herself to save his life, but if the report is true it's more than a little strange that she changed her mind about donating...