The Most Random Pub

Just pondering the most random drinking establihment I have ever been in. With the exception of the Hill Tavern in Carnmoney, I'd have to say it'S the Winking Man just outside Leek.

Any other nominations, or amusing dits about random bars/nights out???

Entertain me!
TaffYorkie said:
Entertain me!
What are we, tap-dancing monkeys?

Don't answer that! :D
i know of a pub called " the monekys forehead" 8O
Does anyone know the name of the bar in Okehampton with the minature pony/petting zoo in the beer garden?? Seem to remember being behind said pony on one occasion with trousers round my ankles. Good day.
The Lamb and Vasectomy.
All time favourite was the Sweaty Crack in Glasgow
PrayingMantis said:
i know of a pub called " the monekys forehead" 8O
Student pub in Egham? Used to drive past it going from Camberley to Heathrow.

Wasnt there a pub in Chester near Saighton Camp called the Rape & Pillage? (Rake & Pickle)
'Big Lils Saloon Bar' in Leeds. It even had swinging saloon style doors. A truely despicable, yet highly amusing, pub/dump.
Is Tan Hill the one with the orange BV outside?
devexwarrior said:
The Bitter End-Loughborough
Many an underage pint sunk in there. Almost ironic it was most young lad's start of a drinking career!
Mr_Deputy said:
one-flew-over said:
A chap wanted to rename his Pompey pub the "Piston Broke" but the coucil had no humour.
yet sure there used to be at least one pub called Brahms and List in London.
Indeed there was, closed at 0100 and just in time to get into Los Bastards next door that closed about 0400.
Smallest pub in Britain.....The Thalidomide Arms!

I know, I know..hat, coat.....

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