the most random item found in a hull!!

Discussion in 'REME' started by blacktower, Dec 17, 2006.

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  1. what is the most random item you have found in the hull of a wagon you have just lifted the pack out of.

    on my most recent trip to poland. i lifted the pack of a chally and the usual "baggsy the ratchet" "that 19mm's mine" could be heard, but then a call of "well im having the potato" was shouted!!!!! and yes there it was A POTATO!! now i thought that was pretty random, anyone got anything better.
  2. I once lost my glasses while working on Chieftain ARRV, retrieved them with a long stick and a big gob of grease luckily enough, I can see the OC being well impressed if i'd asked to lift the pack to fish em out
  3. I once lifted a pack on a 432 to find (once it was drained) a grot mag and water bottle i have no idea how it got there??? :?
  4. Most random item in Hull?

    Probably 2 Jags Prescott's wedding vows.
  5. A pistol harry blacked to the botom of a K60 about 2 years after the Gulf.
    Someone had stuck it there to bring it back for a wall and forgot it was there or got scared off.
  6. Heard a few stories of similar things AK's and what not from the Gulf war but the lad got caught !! (not good)
  7. Found a Condom in a 432 once, got the driver to fish it out her face was a picture.
  8. Awesome suprised you didnt get done for sexual harrasment!!!
  9. Why it was her hull, i was there to fix it and not clean it.
  10. lol fair one!!
  11. Once found a full packet of that danish ham you used to get in the NAAFI, under a b81 pack(432 mk 1), thing is it was mega swollen as it had been in the warm sludge for god knows how long, all green and yellow puss type stuff, as squaddies do we stamped on it, cleared the wksp for ages! How popular we were, not.
  12. happy with that a bit like a reccy mech i know went through a sewer!! well chuffed !!
    You know who you are!!
  13. A DMS boot in the well of a Chiefy - ich scheissen sie nicht! the sole was hanging on by a thread, all swollen up due to its submersion in diesel for god knows how long.
  14. This is gonna be hard to swallow I know, but

    we once found an L60 in a hull that actually worked........properly.......for more than 20 k's
  15. Found a starter motor that worked perfectly after changing it in a 43. Remember showing the new sparky the trick with a split pin on the gear selector cable...........just before inserting it. He never sat down for the rest of the scheme.