The most politically biased reporting.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Oyibo, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. The Times

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  1. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Gordon could promise that he would ritually slaughter your first-born and tax you for the privilege and The Record would still praise it as a ground-breaking new Labour child minding initiative.

    They're that much of a Labour rag (Scottish version of The Mirror).
  2. The Times is currently Tory because Rupert has said so.
    The Guardian has always been for people who regard themsevles as left wing intellectuals.
    The Daily Record is the sister paper of the Mirror, who are supposed to be for the socialist man in the street.
    All newspapers are going to take sides its helps them sell their rags. In theory only the BBC can be impartial, but that only a theory.
  3. Curses. I tried adding more media mongs into the poll and it wouldn't let me. Are polls limited to four?

    @ Sixty:

    It's been many years since I read the Record, but that article astounded me. It reads like the Dear Leader column in Private Eye (an utterly bipartisan organ).
  4. I've been an election agent in Scotland and I can say that the Daily Record is the worst rag I've ever come across. Virtually every day of the campaign, the Record printed lies or distortions.

    As for Tam Cowan, one of their "columnists", if I ever meet that dick he's getting a sore face.
  5. And as for the BBC being impartial - well, maybe it was once but certainly not these days. A left wing, sensationalist, load of overpaid luvvies. But I think that's been said on here before.....
  6. I had the deep misfortune to travel on a bus today, at the back of which was a loud mouthed lass who was apparently a former prison inmate and currently on probation. She was talking to a lad who came aboard with his status symbol pit bull type dog. Amidst the effing and blinding, they mocked the courts and the police (the lad having been arrested the previous evening and released within 2 hours) spoke of vehicle theft, drug taking, fighting and criminal damage. I couldn't trust myself to speak to them, so I sat and suffered along with the other passengers and fondly imagined clinically executing the pair of them. From Brown's off air comments today, it should be abundantly clear that he has no concept of what the electorate really want and no intention of trying to find out. Britain isn't a sh*thole, but our sense of security and happiness is undermined by a minority of vermin for whom civilized society is a weak target. I think the media are as bad as the politicians in failing to focus upon immigration, europe, crime and the economy - the things which matter to everyone in the UK. I don't know what they'll do after May 6th - we'll be back to the Fire Brigade rescuing Mrs Smith's tabby from a tree!
  7. The BBC (all hail Mandelson, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, look upon his works, ye mighty, and despair!)

    From your four, the Sun.
  8. Yup. The Sun is pretty good at bias. I had started compiling the poll candidates with the mainstream papers first - a shame I couldn't have added more media: The BBC springs to mind.

    Touching on Tastytoggles's point, I think a problem for me is that because I don't live in the UK I rely upon the media for my view of what it is like now. Granted, the media rely upon stories of woe, but even bearing that in mind the view of Britain from afar is not rosy.
  9. I particularly liked this bit;


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  10. And fell over the drunks!
  11. They have the Mirror in my local club and you can have a chuckle reading some of the garbage they print. Whats more surprising is that some idiots actually believe it.
  12. I'm out in Florida on business at the moment and have been flabbergasted by the partisan reporting of the media here when it comes to their politics! I thought that Fox were slightly to the right but they are outrageously partisan and make no effort to conceal their views. They have specific programs aimed at trashing Obama and trying to implicate him in all sorts of dodgy activities. Each channel seems to position itself on one side or the other and while I thought that the whole Obama - Clinton campaign was dirty and unpleasant it's nothing compared to what the major parties continue to spout!

    None of our papers can even hold a candle to the sort of dirty underhand slights that are treated as normal reporting currency here. The BBC has an almost celestial cleanliness in comparison. The most venomous and outrageous statements of an English newspaper would be treated as mind innuendo here in the States.
  13. And probably a sad sign of things to come for the UK if one considers that we trail the US by about 10 years in many respects.
  14. No, let's be honest. Anti-social behaviour in Scotland is about as rare as voting Labour. So about 1/3 of the active population. Worse in Glasgow.

    In-fact - there's probably a research MA in that - "Correlation or causation - voting Labour and ASBOs in urban Scotland."