The Most Obnoxious Tourists?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Trip_Wire, Jul 7, 2008.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Brits abroad!
  3. Excuse me officer - can you tell me the way to Buckminster Palace - Ok, how many blocks is that ?
  4. What Throbber thinks up these articles for the Times?
    People starving, Iraqistan going up the Swanee, Oil, Broon: There are surely better things to write about than this tripe.
    If they want to know who are the worst holiday makers, just ask any travel rep. They all have their favorite nationalities :lol:
  5. That poll seems like total bullshit. It's a well known fact us Brits are the worst, and they say Chinese/Indians are even worse than the French. Who have they interviewed for this? I can't imagine them doing the shit that I've (and no doubt many of you) have seen!

    (and possibly participated in)
  6. Read the quote carefully.
    It describes Archie Bunker as having been the world's Visitor from Hell.

    Now, in an international survey, the French are considered the most obnoxious tourists from European nations.

    I detect a slight shift in the position of the goalposts.

    Looking at the most-liked tourists, the top four are Japanese, Germans, Brits and Canadians. No great surprise there - ever since the advent of the compact digital camera, the Japanese have become much less conspicuous (their diminutive size also helps in this respect).

    The Yanks rate 11th out of 21 alongside the Thais. WTF??? Thai tourists? In Europe? I thought most of them worked in lap-dancing clubs or brothels (though perhaps my experience is limited). Or came as mail-order brides. If the last 9 nationalities are in a similar economic migrant category as the Thais, that still puts the Yanks last in my book.

    The French may be 19th out of 21, but they have an excuse for this. They're French. It's tradition not to like them. They don't have to do anything to achieve this position.
  7. Its 'Time' rather than 'The Times Newspaper'

    'Time' is like the 'Hello' of current affairs magazines. Once, they put some foil on their cover and proclaimed whoever has his mug reflected in the foil as their "Person of the Year".
  8. A slight stretch to the 'tourists' theme but in my 7 years experience of working at Heathrow the Israelis are beaten by nobody in the 'Most Obnoxious, Offensive and Unpleasant People Ever to Get Off a Plane' competition.
  9. It must be brits or germans!
  10. French are obnoxious in their own home country, when abroad, round teh world, I haven't come across any negative attitude toward me because of my nationality, I also try to represent Britain at it best.

    works both ways I guess, if like to be treated with respect, you got to give respect.
  11. My daughter goes to the local university (Girona), on finding out that Dad was a Brit he nicknamed her Hooligan, and it stuck. Could it be for a reason?

    Living in a tourist plagued area I see that each country has two types of tourist: The well-behaved ones who are much of a muchness wherever they are from.
    Then there are the badly behaved ones,
    Top of my list; Boxheads - especially the fat ugly ones. And the ones in fast cars on the motorway, tw@ts.
    Second The Brits, drunken ignorant bastards.
    Third The Spanish, you only get the (semi) intelligent ones, the dross come to The Costas, and a right noisy bunch of ignorant peasants who can't abide by the rules they are.
    Swiss can be right shockers on the road, but OK out of their cars.

    As to the Frogs, well the border is only 40 mins drive from here so we get f-ckin loads, but most of them are OK, except for the boule players who set up on the first path they see, no matter how busy, and IMHO should be immediately summarily executed and left hanging from the nearest tree as an example.
    Still where I live, ten years ago we had a tourist boat loaded with Frog OAPs go down, result 20 dead and 1 who died later.
    (Greedy owner wanted cash and packed 140 on a boat that could take 90, and which he had already illegally converted to take double batteries and the water got in the cooling vents.)

    Local joke: Catalonia has declared war on France, and we are already 21 ahead. :D
    French tourists a problem? Not round here mate. :twisted:
  12. I believe it was a French lad that I thumped in the head on Sunday on Westminister Bridge during the London 10k run.

    He got slightly more than he bargined for when he stepped out to take a picture of Big Ben :twisted:

  13. As a kid, I watched an American tourist in Dachau climb over the barriers in the crematorium to open the oven doors so he could get a better photograph.

    I also saw a silver haired German tourist in Berchtesgarten alight from his Mercedes, produce a red marker pen and write "SS Liebstandarte" on the wall of what was once Marin Bormann's khazi. He was on a barely disguised trip down memory lane.

    The khazi itself, more specifically the throne, had long since been blagged by souvenir hunters along with most of the bathroom tiles.
  14. Still recon the septics take some beating. Heard one to say 'what a cute boat' refering to HMS Belfast, while The Tower 'may have looked impresive in it's day.'
  15. The Russians without a doubt, but we might shave it on account of most of their birds are fit and ours are a bunch of troggs