The most Non-Gay Songs ever

Surely the title should read "Mostest none gayest songs ever". ;-)
No such animal as a straight guy,,we are all perverted bastards,and when you get to my age you will know........

MacArthur Park,,,by various hairy chested Men.......
My Gang,,,,,,Gary Glitter,,,,just a pedo not a poof.....
A Boy Called Sue,,,,Johnny Cash....

Every ones Gone to the Moon,,,,,????
'I'm a Union Man' by some beat combo of sorts. Became the anthem of the RAF Movers so it has to be up there with the best.

'A Four Legged Friend' by Roy Rogers......... now there's a cowboy who could sell a tune.

Edited to add - 'High Noon' by Marty Robbins version.

Can we cheat and change the name of a tune to give it a macho edge ? If so, how's about ' Lagging on a Jet Plane' by Peter, Paul & Mary

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