The most monumental arse-packing cnut you ever served with

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by upyer_sonny, Jan 12, 2010.

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  1. Who was yours?
  2. 'The head' from 216 aka smudge aka dildo fingers ie everything he touched he fcuked he must have been brown lettered by now anybody know of his whereabouts?!
  3. Variously known as "Senf" or "Chinky", he worked his way up through the ranks to become an officer in Ulster and was the nastiest, most hypocritical knob end I ever had the misfortune to meet. Why I put the mockers on some horrible fate befalling him as was being planned, I'm still not sure. Monumental arse packing cnut of the highest order and total wanker to boot!
  4. Gren i reckon,we must have crossed path's at some time,lol ! :wink:
  5. Bloke with the nickname upyer_sonny,can't remember his real name,joined the army I think. :wink:
  6. OC FAC Troop, 21 Sigs, Mid 90's. Known as "The Fat Controller".

  7. Ch Clk, 24 Fd Amb, 1988-89. Can't remember his name but he was skinny twat who supported Chester FC and only responded to extreme arse-licking.

    Which was usually dispensed in spades by the other most arse-packing cnut I served with, whose name is tattoo'd into my brain, ex-RCT who transferred to RAMC as a clerk because promotion prospects were better and it meant less time out in the cold and wet (his words, not mine). He was never seen out of hours as he pissed that many people off he was afraid for his life. I've since heard he was in an RTA, suffered brain damage and his memory "re-sets" every 20 minutes. Fantastic.
  8. tried to think of a decent comeback, but it's so much easier just to say... Your sister seems to think so.

    empty pint, coat, gone.
  9. A Plantie Full Screw in 25 Sqn called T*** No******* total w@nker. If you did not bow and scrape to him he made your life a nightmare total throbber
  10. RAMC Clerk who backstabbed his way all the way up to Major. Known to one and all as Kipper because he was a 2-faced, yellow-bellied, gutless bastard who stunk to high heaven. One of the wildest nights I've ever enjoyed was when I was with a large group of RAMC when news of his death came through. England hasn't enjoyed such spontaneous joy since VE Day!
  11. 'Twas a certain Lt Cdr Tomk##. I mean, this bloke drove a brown Austin Allegro - a machine that perfectly reflected his complete lack of personality and charisma. How this bloke ever got to that rank I'll never know.
  12. 'Known to one and all as Kipper because he was a 2-faced, yellow-bellied, gutless bastard who stunk to high heaven.' - Come on, now, no one's THAT good.
  13. A lance jack Coldstreamer at Chessington who thought playing charades(sp) was more fun than hitting the pub.A total cnut. :D
  14. Years ago, when serving with 17 Sqn, 12 RSME at Chatham, there was a certain RCT Captain Shi*ls, who was a complete arrse. Charged one of the lads for swearing at him during a football match when he, the Capt, scored an own goal. Tried to charge, but still wrote a really sh1t CR for, a SSGT, for being drunk at his own farewell p1ss-up. The list goes on and on. Anyway, when said Capt came to get posted, one of the RCT lads was sent round the whole Sqn to collect for a farewell gift. Given the clues that the halfpenny was still in criculation and that fifteen RCT guys were in camp that day, guess how much was raised from the entire Sqn? Yup, you probably worked it out, it was seven and a half pence. Part 2 orders were published stating that the Sqn was to parade outside the Pier Public House for farewell drinks for said Capt. Who turned up? The Capt, The OC and the SSM. Shows how popular he was.
  15. I was charged with collecting for one of the Head Sheds when he was posted and your 7 1/2 pence would rate as a relatively succesful collection; where as the collection for this certain Head Shed was a split pin, a copper washer, some other detritous and I was gobbed at quite a bit which was generally accompanied by "get fcuked". Funnily enough even his peer group responded in a similar manner.