The most lethal members of the Armed Forces?!

Combat Chefs

Wednesday 26 November
8:00pm - 9:00pm

Not, as you might think, Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White getting heated in the kitchen: the chefs in this four-parter are army cooks. First we see teams of anxious squaddies on an improvised catering exercise, which means using dustbins, mortar boxes, mud and open fires to prepare a meal. Part Scrapheap Challenge, part MasterChef, it makes the Ready Steady Cook £5 challenge seem a doddle. Added to the mix is footage of what it's like to cook for troops in Afghanistan, at a frontline base in Helmand Province. Which is to say: difficult and very dangerous.
Combat_Cookie said:
I think the title of your username sums you up pretty well....
Hey, leave Dozy alone, she was being nice!
Combat_Cookie said:
As a chef myself, it is true that we can kill a company quicker than a well aimed Taliban RPG!
I was actually hoping that Saints would get offended and kick-off, but he missed this thread! :D
No, I bloody didn't, just chose to ignore it :D

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