The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World


War Hero



As I recall, she was added to give the band some sex appeal but as soon as she started to get sack fulls of fan mail she was sacked by the other band members for betraying the feminist ideals*

*code for = the green eyed-monster that women have for anyone younger, prettier, and more popular.
She was a founding member and has never left them or been sacked.
Looking at these slightly risqué shots bought to mind my late American uncle. When he found out that I was embedded with US forces at the onset of the last Gulf escapade - and thus subject to what I think was called General Regulation No1 (No booze, no sex, no gambling and/or fraternalization - in other words the things that most of us fight for) he used to send me streams of email snaps of California style lovelies, usually sans clothing and invariably supping a cold drink - those that hadn't been spilled over their t shirts etc.
Given that I was a psyopper I recognised the torment inflicted by a master of the black art. Bastard.


War Hero
Hurrah, its Wimbledon time.
Here's Pippa Middleton, playing tennis with her renowned Prince-Distractor out.


n.b disclaimer: any similarity to Pippa Middleton may be purely in the authors imagination!

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