The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World

who the fcuk is Afghan Andy and why has he 'disliked' the sigourney weaver and kirstie alley pictures??? the massive hermersexual.


I'd give them the best fifteen seconds of their life, the dark haired minxes that they are.
Weaver - Yes. Alley - no. She's a honking minger.
Some might say a bit short in the tit stakes, but deffo a beauty.



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Is that what is known as an oxymoron?
Knock yourself out, mate, but I'm of the opinion that too much of a good thing is - too much. 34Ds or 36Ds are perfectly adequate in my universe.
Not to change the subject (much) but are you guys now wearing the Euro flag patch on your combats in addition to the National Flag? Seems a tad strange.

Euro Flag.jpg
Whilst discovering what a "shoulder thing that goes up" is (a barrel shroud, apparently) for some reason this gem was in the results for some reason, which I tender for consideration for the prize:-

Regardless, just remember the golden rule, folks:-

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Linda Lusardi early years.


Now Milf at 57....

Line up won't be complete without Kate Bush

Hopefully have beaten Bravo_Bravo to it!!

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