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The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World


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He’s gopping.

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Christ, it's like a colour printer exploded on a badly-drawn photofit.

Dr Death

War Hero
Now that is an employable skill.

Keep crap lager warm.
I suspect she'll be in the cockpit noshing off the pilots while the ugly and the gay trolley dollies do the safety brief.
She works for Pikey. The standard profile of the average flight crew is a F/O straight out of flight school paid the pilot equivalent of a 0 hours contract where they only earn from push back to shut down with all the standby hours and planning on their dime, avec mahoosive training debt being recuperated from their measly pay. Capt either recently promoted at the min 10k hours and a cmd crse or middle aged and zero prospect of long haul and the pay/allowances that come with.

Neither is going to be able to keep someone that high maintenance in manicures, Swarovski encrusted iPhone 11 cases and unlimited roaming data for the perma-send Instagram acct. Don't get me wrong anyone red blooded male is going to dream of rattling that more times than the fenceline at Auscwitz, but having to tolerate it's sense of entitlement because of a huge set of norks for more than 20 mins?

If you want to know what that's going to look like at 40, just look at Katie Price.
Sorry but that just screams Borderline Personality Disorder to me.

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Borderline? Waaay over the border and just about into the next country over if you ask me. Definitely in danger fuck territory.

Still, tie it down, gag it and get it ready for some doggy-doggy and it would be rude to say "No".

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