The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mechanicalhorsetrough, Oct 17, 2015.

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  1. ... and he probably thinks that when you leave the room for five minutes, it's because you're scared of the Daleks.
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  2. tumblr_m4mpleKpVQ1qcxvrao1_500.png
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  3. We need names damn it!! How do you expect us to stalk her without them???
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  4. No idea. Just an everyday type beauty I think?
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  5. Megan Fox. She was in the Transformers Films.

    Or you could use Google picture search if you have the facility to do so. Me, I like the lovely Eva too.
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  6. Should still be tight enough for my fist
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  7. 100% agree, but she's got weird fingernails. But that's just being a bit picky, innit?

    Edited to add the old one:

    How do you turn a Fox into a Dog?

    Marry it.

  8. Classic Gina

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  9. I don't have time for that!! :)
  10. It'll only take a few seconds.

    Oh :(
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  11. I'll see your Gina L and raise you Gina Bellman


    I've always had the thing about women with brown hair and eyes. Gets me every time.
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  12. Not forgetting.....
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  13. Katy Perry.
    She has conventional looks but she always looks hot imo. katy-perry-photos-wallpaper-fk0277et.jpg
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  14. Forgot about Milla
  15. Milla-milla-jovovich-15854164-1184-1800.jpg
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