The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World

She does things for me. Even if she doesn't she could. Even if she doesn't want to she still should. I insist! I'll even let her keep the mirror.

She has everything a man could possibly want. Well me, anyway.

(Having written all that, I now only hope that she is not a tranny snuck into the thread to trap mugs.)


Only kidding.
You do know she's given birth, you broken brained fuckwit
Desert_Twat does seem to be somewhat obsessed with shemales.

But I expect his adventures in Far East tourism are entirely for the cuisine and the scenery.
That's a man's face. Look at other photos of her on the net and you'll notice big man hands and feet.
It is JC, I saw her in Alita : Battle Angel at the piccys this week. Out acted by all the CGI actors. Doesn't actually look that do-able

Jordanne Jones. Irish actress

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