The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World

Jenna Coleman as I prefer to think of to me

Jenna Coleman.JPG
I’m really rather fond of this young lady
Emily Hampshire as Jennifer Goines in "12 Monkeys". She is either an incredible actress who plays "lunatic" entirely convincingly, or she really is batshit mental. Either way, I am bewitched. Additionally, she, like my current squeeze is very very slightly boss-eyed, which I like. Oh yeah, and the LHCO is batshit mental.

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Weirdo's. It's blonde or it's not getting it's hair pulled as one does it from behind. It says that in the Bible. Verily.
I've always had a thing for Hannah John-Kamen, star of Killjoys on Sci-fi, now playing Ghost in Antman 2.
Fucking hell, she's tiny!!!

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