The Most Gorgeous Brunette in the World

Grow up, tell me why are you stalking me around the boards with your puerile and badly written drivel and then do me a favour and shut up. Thick twat.
Precisely the same reason you follow me around. It would seem you are a feisty internet hard man when giving it, but when you receive it you get all emotional.

Do you still wear reactorlites
Do you hint he may have caught the ghey?
No; it's just the term-de-jour for referring to laying with someone of the stature of Kate Moss or Posh Spice - whatever your proclivities or their gender.
Christ but you are tedious.
Dear me mate, arrse vermin yet get all emotional?

Maybe you should go and do what you do best, beating women.
Which bit was I joking about? The totty 'he' was referring to or the fact that too much lechery has degraded @CrashTestDummy's mind?

I don't recall mentioning what it might be like to engage in sexual activity with her ... I was just about start... erm... giving it some serious er... thought, yes that's it... some thought when you rudely interrupted me. The moment has now passed so thanks a lot.
Degraded? That would imply I had something to degrade!
You are joking. I

Doing that would be like wrestling two space hoppers and the bag of poles for a 9x9
I would selflessly go above and beyond the call of duty with her if means somebody else doesn't have to run the risk of personal injury. I am thoughtful like that.

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