The most exclusive clubs in Britain

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Oct 30, 2008.

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  1. VC and GC Association

    The Ejection Tie Club

    The Shuttlecock Club

    The Royal Cruising Club

    Leander Club

    I Zingari

    The Houghton Fishing Club

    The Shooting Times Woodcock Club

    The Charlton Hunt Club

    The Jockey Club

    Wakefield and North of England Tulip Society

    The International Dendrology Society

    Masters of Wine

    The Roxburghe Club

    The surviving hereditary peers in the House of Lords

    Yes. I think 1. 2. & maybe 3. do have suitably tight membership criteria
  2. No mention of West Ham Untied Football Club.
  3. The most exclusive........

    The Warrent Officers and Sergeants' Mess.

    You can't buy in.
  4. Didnt know I Zingari was still active. The MCC?
  5. And, IIRC, one man was a member of both the VC & GC Association and the Ejection Tie Club, namely Grp Capt Len Trent. I believe that he had at least one ejection to his name post-war...
  6. Member of Pairlement.

    You have to be:

    shag any thing that moves
    smile like someone with a mouthfull of spunk.

    in general being an ex-officer opens many doors!
  7. The Pink Elephant Club. There are only 7 members and nobody else can join.
  8. But you can do fcuk all and get in through 'time served' in certain cake and ass outfits, RAMC x-ray techs spring to mind from another thread!
  9. The good looking birds that airfix shagged but didn't have to pay for is a pretty exclusive club.
  10. No mention of the Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Fan Club either!!
  11. The RCC isn't particularly exclusive. The Royal Yacht Squadron Flying Club on the other hand... You first get elected to the Squadron (a spare squillion in the bank won't help you), then you get elected to the Flying Club. At the last count there were about 10 members.
  12. Is there a Dhala Road club? I know they have a special tie...
  13. The Goldfish club.
  14. Leander Club is not particularly exclusive, no matter what they might pretend - the more members they can gather, the more money they have to spend on rowing. Hence lots of members after somewhere to drink once a year and a nasty pink tie. I'm not sure how that deserves to be quoted in the same list as the VC and GC Association.

    Both the Caterpillar Club and the Guinea Pig club have rather a stronger claim to exclusivity than Leander, methinks.

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