"The most dangerous job in the world"

Just shows how out of touch with reality they really are!! Im sure he'll have a tw*t load of protection when he goes out there, but lets not forget that its a lot more dangerous ( :x ) than the job that lots of lads and lasses in the Forces are doing in the middle east (courtesy of Mr Blair himself). what a cnut!


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Most dangerous job in the world... Hmm wonder why it might not be so safe.....
:x How can she compare his job with the one that my young son of 19 is doing at the moment fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. She should get in the real world and see what it is like to be us with the non stop worry we have until he comes home in October. It makes me so mad. :x :x :x
She truely is deluded. Her and those of her ilk have brought about the systematic destruction on our once great nation. I won't even begin to list the chaos her and hers have created. I would not have time...I have to be at work tonight.
Unsworth said:
'...most dangerous job in the world...'
I thought this meant Blair was going to become an Alaskan crab fisherman.


Well with a bit of luck, some 18 yr old Arab might make a name for himself.


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She was speaking at the 'Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award' - is this the cnut who has screwed the most from the system?

Most dangerous - nah; hardest probably, waking up beside that face every morning.
Biscuits_AB said:
Well with a bit of luck, some 18 yr old Arab might make a name for himself.
An Arab?
I'd be more concerned about squaddies.
I wish it really was the most dangerous job in the world! :evil:

That pair would make excellent adornments to lamp-posts in the Mussolini style. :twisted:
Clearly still in the salary negotiations.

Q. What do you have if you've got 100 Lawyers buried up to their necks in Cat$hit?

A. Not enough Cat$hit

thank god they've both gone.


Cherie Blair said:
Sometimes when I get my cheque from the Legal Services Commission I get a bit depressed too, I can assure you.
Oh yes, it's a tough life! As it happens, my wife's cousin was the top earning legal aid lawyer last year, and she had to scrape by on an appalling £493K. It's a good thing her husband works too or they would have been deeply in the shi-ite... :roll:
On her first evening out of Downing Street, Ms Booth told an audience of 200 lawyers: “Only my husband would volunteer for the most dangerous job in the world, at the moment. That will impose some restrictions on what we can do.”

As opposed to volunteering 1000s of Men and Women to go off and do an even more dangerous job for him and his lap dog of the US policy ways, having some come home injured to the point where their restrictions on what they can do include walking or even going out in public cos theyre F@@ked up with PTSD. W@nker.... I hope he gets caught up in a bit of friendly fire himself... Good riddance to him and Ms QC 'Face Like in inside out burst balloon' Booth
sandy_boots said:
I hope she's right and the cnut gets slotted
"He was <long pause> the people's penis."
Cherry Bliar is equally as disgraceful, deluded and disgusting as her dishonest husband. I wonder how much free-loading she'll be doing in the Middle East in the months to come.

Oh! how I hope that they are BOTH slotted but that the end comes slowly and painfully.

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