The most dangerous creature in the world

Plods with shooters.
A Rupert with two maps in his hand and not similar sheets
Fixed... no charge. It's old one I've told before so stop me... Rupert walks in as I'm doing the finer points of OS and stuff and grabs a sheet. "No ND, there are no (churches with steeples, A and B road, Public Houses etc.)
at grid ref. 123456!.... "Wrong sheet Sah!" Cue exit of Rupert Mr Wanka Sah.


Book Reviewer
A Rupert with a map in his hand!
That is so funny a little wee has come out and dribbled down my leg. Can I have your autograph? Just make it out... To John Smith (that is my nephews name) from The Funniest Cunt On The Entire Fucking Planet.


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