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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Al-the-Gee 1698, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Probably been done before, but I cant be arsed to search.

    I d like to kill Mark Zuckerberg with a chainsaw (without chain just to make it last longer), I need to know if its just me that wants to kill and maim thousands of Fuckwits who post " like if you dont want this little girl to die of cancer, ignore if you want Satan to poke you up the ricker", or a picture of a little coloured fellow saying " Its a hip day today folks".

    I m sick of having to laugh myself to sleep every day over these witty pics and comments.

    Facefuck, and all social media (excluding Arrse), devolution of society, or wot?

    Please post the most cringeworthy, starting with " I was at ( insert Airport) when a Coy of Soljers..........
  2. Don't look at it then you daft cunt.
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  3. I have to look at my wife every morning as a matter of duty, isnt that the case wiv social media?
  4. Pic of your missus so we can judge please.

    Edit: Might have replied to the wrong thread here.
  5. Facebook and social media has given many a lazy squaddie a free fuck. You must be using it for the wrong things.
  6. And so children,this is why we don't start posts when we have had too much to drink.
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  7. Accurate title though. He'll be gnawing his fist within the hour.
  8. Join a dating site so a fat munter can squat on your nose and peel the skin off your eyelids with her crotch rot.
  9. just how would you kill someone with a chainless chain-saw? bore them to death with inane drivel?
  10. my desk reading ARRSE threads when some fuckwit posted some inane drivel
  11. Are you one of those people who only read / watch / listen to stuff just to get offended by it, then use the same kind of internet trickery and social networky type shit to tell everyone just how offended you were by the stuff you read / saw / listened to on the internet.......

    Fucking internet is full of them....seriously turn your fucking pc off and go and chat to a few humans, they'll piss you off aswell, but there won't be so many pictures of cats.

    Fucking offended internet cunts.......
  12. OP, ever wondered where this facebook drivel comes from?

    Your "friends" perchance?

    I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned somewhere ....

    I must admit I'm getting a bit tired of being invited to "Win a Lesbian Vacation". For fuck sake don't these people realise that I don't have time to take a bloody holiday!!!
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