the most bone agai you have ever had

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_creature, Aug 15, 2011.

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  1. im currently sitting naked in my room waiting to get changed for one of two show parades that i recieved via the agai system. It was for not wearing any fucking twisties,anyone else been agaid for something equally as gay, when asked why i had no twisties i said i hadnt been issued them. thats probably what landed me in the shit.

    anyone had a bone pick up before and tried to get out of it with a stupid comment.
  2. HA HA HA get on parade shitty
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  3. at 22:00 i will be, your like the 6th person to say that o well
  4. I'm sure you'd been warned. It probably wasn't the fact you weren't wearing any, it was probably the fact you think you know best. Enjoy your AGAI.
  5. I am old, my eyes are bent and my knees are dim, what the Sprogs
    ARRSE is an AGAI?
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  6. nope i got briefed up after work by the platoon sergeant that everyone must wear twisties from now on, funny enough i got agaid before work started.
  7. Thank you for saying that; I've been wondering for ages. Just off for another piss; I'll be back for the answer, as long as I remember to look.
  8. You snooze, you loose.
  9. Sounds a bit like ROPs to me Arters

    Edit: I got 5 days once. started on a thursday went to the following thursday, I noticed pretty much anyone who got ROPs always had their weekend fuck up....strange that :)
  10. AGAI 67 is the new discipline system - minor sanctions (show parade, works parades etc) and major sanctions (detention, busting, promotion ban etc).
  11. On a charge, a fizzer (yea olde RAF F252)?
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  12. What was wrong with the old system? Human Rights? Diversity?
  13. Yep, that's ROP'S. Plus if you had learnt well in your youth, you would know that in an emergency of not being able to buy a pair of twisters from the NAAFI, because you're a mong and didn't have a spare pair or two, you should tuck your lightweights / combats in to the extra part of your laces that are wrapped around the top of your boots.

    Did you have to show behind the night guard as well, or just 22.00hrs to piss on your chips?
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  14. Gone are the days of running an extras book and beastings ... unfortunately. But used wisely, an AGAI can work just as well.
  15. "I haven't been issued them"? Well why didn't you tie up your tie-ups then? That's why you're not issued twisters.

    I get picked up for shit all the time and come back with some right cockish comments - fortunately for me I am beyond re-ejermercation now and people just seem to put up with me because I'm old and probably not worth the ink on the paperwork, plus I'll probably have a heart attack walking up the stairs to the bosses office! (Bet I get AGAI'd tomorrow now!) :)

    The main question is; Do they work? (The AGAI system not twisters!) What's wrong with just fucking someone about unofficially so they don't know what's coming or just giving someone a quick whack in the bollocks?
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