The Most Bone Advert on TV at the Moment

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tartan_Ninja, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Just watched the Orbit chewing gum ad....WTF is that all about?
    Git/Gitess in a white gimp outfit with punchin holes in air....??? :pukel:

    And it makes you buy chewing gum? thinking no! :?

    Its one many Shite adverts on at the moment....whats the worst?

    8) TN
  2. I don't know what the most bone is, but this is the best. I went out and bought some, just because of this advert.

    In The Air Tonight
  3. First time I saw it I thought it was about endangered species or some such tosh.
    Best ad at the mo has to be the Nintendo DS one, with Nicole Kidman looking 300% strokeable.
  4. "Dad's found your scooter"

    Bloody Macam.

    Any loan or insuarance advert, i have yet to see one good one. The Phil Collins - Gorilla - Drums advert is ace, though!

    For the football, the best is Wayne Rooney's "Put it where you want it":
  5. First time I saw this I also thought it was one of those " save the .......Adverts".When I realised what it really was I started pishing me self....Top notch.

    As for bone adverts, that Scoota one and the BT ones with that limp fucker.

    Oh and bloody sheila's wheels. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

    Aaaaaaaaaaand breathe.
  6. Any advert that ends with the phrase: "because you're worth it".

    That includes all the plugs for properhydrates, rectal serum, penispeptides, monkey glands, wrinkle prolapse cream and all the other dubious contributions to wrinkle reduction quackery.
  7. Nono, Shelia's wheels is a great advert for me to play with myself over larger women.

    VW Golf adverts have been outstanding, and theres always a Skoda Cake.

    Make a mess if you crashed it, though.
  8. Love this advert, not quite sure how it realtes to chocolate though.
  9. Agreed, makes the hairs of the neck stand up!
  10. Do you mean as used by this person:

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  11. The AA ones, especially the one with the lumpy mum driving her lad somewhere trying to discuss with him her day getting an AA quote :?

    The toiler paper one with the little Asian lad saying 'it's all gone, it's all gone, etc'.

    Fatty calling Loan company while wifey is watching him through a camcorder.

    All stupid fcuking ideas, makes you that the PR people must have thought it up with a shotgun put to the head.
  12. Mum??
  13. Any advert that states "Give two quid a month" or so on...fu@kin morbid.....and they should give the camera crew watchin all the cruelty to the animals a wallop round the head for not putting the bloody camera down and just help the poor beast!


    So give two quid a month to Arrse to stop cruel people hunting Walts now !

    :wink: Yeh Right!
  14. Didn’t they have to bin that Skoda ad cause the brakes were a bit spongy?
  15. Yeah, got themselves in a bit of a jam. Could have all iced over. Would have been a bit wobbly.

    VW Golf Gene Kelly - Singing In The Rain advert. Top tune, as well!