THE Most ANNOYING Game on the Planet!!!!!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Gundulph, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. One for HQ I believe!

    The HQ Paper Bin Game

    My best after 20 minutes was 5! :x

    Apologies in advance people!

  2. Ha Haaaaaaaa......


  3. Awesome. I may never do any work ever again.

  4. But...

    Did you beat 14? :wink:

  5. 17 now! so friggin annoying but just can't let it go.....
  6. Zero.

    I hit the rim a couple of times. Will not quit till I get at least one. My boss just made me a bet. I beat him I get the rest of the shift off.
  7. Nice One! How long did that take?
  8. Got to 16 when the boss walked in and I had to clost the window. Rather annoying.
  9. got bored after a score of 3!
  10. 30 too easy now. Need another.
  11. Everyone knows you don't have the fan on when playing that game in the office!!...derr

    5 in 7 minutes... pah
  12. bout 3 minutes mate, the gift of "yoof" ;)
  13. Meaning you were 'ARRSE' go on admit it! 8)

  14. 19 now! not quite Milsums feat but slowly getting there...