The most allyest smocks ever

Got a small selection of smocks for interested buyers, a small amount from each sale goes to the Help for Heroes fund... i.e the fee's I would normally have paid FEEBAY!

Just realised to list the sizes!

2 Para smocks, SUPER-GRADE 170/104 & 180/104 £35 = Fiver goes to help for heroes
3 SAS/Arctic smocks GRADE 1 180/104 & 180/112 £30 = Fiver goes to help for heroes
1 Arctic smocks in SUPERGRADE 190/104, £40 = Fiver goes to help the heroes
1 Arctic smock with slight acid burns at rear bottom of jacket, easily repairable 170/104 £30 = Fiver goes to help for heroes
Soldier 95 Smocks, Grade 1, Woodland £15 = Fiver goes to for heroes

If there's a mod around who'd like to nominate himself with collecting said funds himself by all means, can work something out :D


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