The most absurd uniform seen

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by welldai, May 10, 2009.

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  1. Whilst serving in Kuwait, i came across what i thought was the most absurd uniform i have ever seen. The Austrailian desert uniform looks like something Action Man would have worn in the 70's. Upon closer inspection, all i could see was Rabbit Ears and Mickey Mouse heads, along with Love Hearts (it looks a lot worse in person and the below pic does it no justice).

    Has anyone else seen a more bizzare uniform? If so post a picture?

  2. On any disruptive pattern, if it works, it works.
    No photos to add, but a former armoured colleague rebadged as RE and when asked for his reasons stated "I just couldn't come to terms with wearing a brown beret, green pullover, black shoes and red trousers all at the same time!"
    If amalgamations were applied to colours as well as regiments, I suppose we'd all be wearing the kind of pinky brown that coloured plasticene ends up after a week's use.
  3. Particularly if one considers the stupid facial hair to part of the 'uniform'.

    Obviously not a consideration around Peterborough or anywhere else where the nasty chavs from the local youth club may taunt them.

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  4. The Aussie desert kit is excellent. Much better than the sh1te we've got.
  5. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There was that digital cam uniform worn by some former Soviet country, made up of huge big squares, think Sectrum Graphics as opposed to PS2 (cadpat). Can't find image tho. was mentioned in another thread. Looked f*cki' ridiculous.
  6. The French desert cam in by far the worst i've seen. Skin tight as well.
  7. Last Afghan tour i got hold of one of those French "norgy" shirts, good but almost skin tight. Weird how all their kit is close fitting.
  8. Not too bad on the chicks (the fit ones anyway)... but somehting slightly metrosexual on the blokes.

    The Spaniards are the same.

    I remember at a multinational HQ, seeing (IIRC) the Italian Mountain troops, they wear some sort of bizarre night cap affair. with a pom pom on the end.

    Not to mention the French (IIRC) who wear a load of feathers out of the hat.
  9. CF, I think its the Alpini with the feathers....
    Nice though. Bit of tradition cant hurt.
  10. No, not them. They don't look that bad.

    The (i am sure it is) French mob look like they have a peacock on their head.....
  11. Dont they all? They sure act like it :lol:
  12. [​IMG]

    These loons get my vote.
  13. This Italian "Bersaglieri" regiment wear their ceremonial feathers with EVERY uniform

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  14. Got to be this bloke surely?!!! It's as absurd as absurd gets!

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  15. Pararegtom

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    I was in Rome recently, and meet 2 Swiss guards who where actually Polish, apparently the Holy sea have serious recruiting problems.
    having to wear a working dress like that, I can see why.