The Morning Glory Debate

Morning Glory -

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Following a discussion in the pub a few nights ago... When one wakes with a spot of morning wood, is it just a function to stop one from lagging the bed or is it because one has been dreaming of Mrs Trombone's mam and a jar of marmite again? Does any one know?
If you're a man, the answer to any bodily-function question is, "It's sexual".

It's God's work, mate - enjoy it any way you can.

Edited to add: If that's what you dream about to make you hard, you need help.

Marmite?! You sick f*ck.
God knows. I prefer mine when I'm dying to lag. I like forcing it down whilst stretching. Normally onlt takes me a couple of strokes before I explode.

Can be a tad embarrassing though when you suffer from narcilepsy.
taboo said:
Morning glory????????

I thought it was just p*ss proud! :D
Taboo, agreed. You can't do anything with it when its full of wee. Less sit on their bladder and wriggle.
I used to drape my unifom over mine on the way the the karzi, though sometimes my DMS would accidentally kick me in the nuts.

Now it just points to where the DMS used to live. :-(
should this not be a mass debate....

TAXI, and quick !!

They gave my old grandad Viagra in the old folks' home. Nothing sexual about it, it was just to stop him rolling out of bed.

Hat, coat, and taxi!
Apparently rather then forcing the old boy down and sticking your arse out to attempt to have the wazz that you're desperate for, jumping on the crapper backwards works. I'm going to admit it; I've tried it. I ended up getting my trousers and ankles caught up and I fell off...Then the flow started. So it kind of worked :oops:
I once heard it mentioned that if the missus, or whichever other female was occuping the bed was a bit tight in the morning, Marmite was as good as vasaline.
Aaand its been a while since there a was a bad joke...

I bought some viagra off the net that you can put in your tea. It does fcuk all for erections but stops your biscuits from going soft.

Legs It.
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