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The moral being...

The floods are getting worse and the smallholding on the tiny hill is virtually cut off. The cockerel and the farm cat are the only two still there. The cockerel says. "Fuck this, I'm taking a running jump at the narrowest part." The cat tells him. "Right on, you go for it and I'll follow."

The cock runs like hell and with a loud squawk, takes off flapping away like the clappers and scrambles onto dry land. Then, he struts about cock-a-doodle-dooing and generally showing off.

The cat, not to be outdone, takes an almighty run, leaps into the air and with a piercing screech, lands smack in the water and thrashing away, manages dry land.

The moral of this story being...
Wherever there's a contented cock, there's always a wet pussy.

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