the moon

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Jokes' started by lemonsuckas, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. billy was in his garden in east belfast hammering and banging away. jimmy his next door neighbour opened his window and said,"billy thats an awful noise, what are ye doin?" billy shouts back" i'm makin a rocket to go to the moon and i got all these bits from the shipyard. took them out in my piece so the gaffer woulnae see."
    the banging and hammering continues for weeks until it is finally ready to go so billy and jimmy take it to the oval to launch it. they both climb in and away they go to the moon. after a successful touch down they get out and are strolling across the moons surface. after about an hour two yanks bounce over in their moon buggy to confront our heroes. "did you two get here in that thing. our state of the art rocket is secured over there." whilst the two yanks were boasting of their exploits billy was scratching a long line on the moons surface.
    the yanks turned to him and said" here buddy what are you doing over there?" Billy replied " just marking our border before the catholics move in"