Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by raggedy, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Just an idle thought. Does anyone suspect that there may be ARRSE Monitors on the prowl, zapping us with their "Z" ray machines, all paid for of course by the long suffering British Taxpayer?. Of course I realise that this is an outlandish thought, that we may actually be spied upon by our noble Gumint, but the way things have been glitching and titching leads me to believe it,s more than just a power spike.

    Oh but Perish the thought dear ARRSErs, It just couldn,t happen here in Britain, in 2008, Great and Glorious Britain, the land of Free Speech and Democracy, Fighters for Freedom all over the World?..........Could it, I mean COULD IT?????

    Thompson!.....Start the car......I,ll get my own coat.............Cheque please.
  2. what the fcuk you going on about fella.
  3. Stop drinking Windolene you meths soaked fruitloop.
  4. Oh dear! A good lunch ruined by an extra drop of .......................?
  5. I'll have half a pint of what raggedy on please.
  6. You can't deny it, he's got a point.
  7. Matron's day off on Sunday at your place old boy?
  8. Fucking right he has.