The Mongs Invade

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Oyibo, May 30, 2013.

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  1. What's with all the new EDL/etc posters on the site? Have they been told that we might be sympathetic to their dribblings?
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  2. I imagine after recent events they think we'll be sympathetic to their dribble or that they'll be angry types willing to join their ranks so they can have a token ex serviceman for the press to take photos of next time they smash up a Wetherspoons or decide to get beat up by proofs in Brighton.
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  3. Are they not smarting after 200 of their members/thugs had there names/addresses & phone numbers put on the net?
    That's sure to stir the pot and get fingers pointing!
  4. I suppose more than a few civilians would think soldiers on the whole are against Islam and Muslims in general due to recent operations.

    I'm currently serving with Muslim Forces and TBH you couldn't meet a nicer bunch of blokes, though there are some arseholes just as there are in British Forces.
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  5. The MOD's here should bin any dodgy looking threads on the subject - These mongs use the site to give their causes oxygen and exposure - their air supply should be cut off - and in real life too one hopes.
  6. I disagree. Most posters show their contempt for the mongs which can only be a good thing in the long run. It shows other would be penile warts that their hand wringing and mouth frothing shenanigans are not wanted.

    The shit cunts.
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  7. I agree with GPMG - look at the mileage Sinn Fein got out of that now infamous broadcasting ban. By allowing these individuals their airspace we can at least show everyone else exactly what we think of them and maybe, just maybe, they may well realise that the majoristy of the military community, past / present / future , ISN'T behind them.

    BTW, GPMG - are you fally? Same av and I assume you're just out?
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  8. Yes mate. Got banned for using the word 'darkie'.

    Will probably get banned again now for typing it again!
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  9. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

  10. I think things are a bit different now though through the expansion of social media - forgive me if i bore you off topic for a sec but Mrs SB took a call from a ppi claim back company tonight - blah blah anyway I googled for her "how do i check i've been sold ppi"

    and the sixth google item down was thread on ARRSE on the subject.

    Cut off the air supply.
  11. Tsk tsk GPMG. I don't know. You go over there, taking their jobs.......
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  12. Someone's got to teach 'em mate. They're shite! :)
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  13. Meanwhile, back in the UK, pizzas won't deliver themselves.....

    I'll meet you on the naughty step mate.
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  14. Theres nothing wrong with walting, i do it on a weekend in Merthyr tydfil, with Dai the plumber!!! Has anyone got a spare golden or diamond jubilee medal i can have? Or even a LS&GC to go with the other walts i wear lol

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  15. Are they the ones who are able to demonstrate?
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