The Mole: Infiltrating North Korea

Did anyone watch this? I don't know what to make of it.

An unemployed chef joins a Danish 'friends of North Korea' group, in 7 years he's formed his own 'Friends of Nk' group and gets in with a Spaniard who leads a lot of these european 'Friends of NK' groups and it is through this Spaniard that the group members are invited to visit NK.

This Danish ex-chef is 'the mole', he is sponsored/controlled by a tv producer/journalist to film overtly & covertly all his meetings. He eventually brings in an actor and introduces him to the Spaniard and North Koreans as a very rich arms dealer who wants some NK weaponry for anti-Israelli groups, he's also told the NKs can supply amphetamine.

The documentary is now in pseudo-James Bond territory with meetings in hotel rooms, underground function rooms in NK, plans are formed to buy an island in Africa where the NKs will overtly build a hotel resort with golf course and airport above ground while an arms & illicit drugs factory is constructed covertly beneath. The population of this island are told a hospital is being built (and some time later they'll be ordered to move off their land.

That's the gist. It also involved a middle-east middle-man who traded in oil & chemicals. I thought this guy was quite serious... as were the NKs initially, but as the meetings progressed I think the NKs were lining up to cheat a beginner arms smuggler.
Foe someone investing multi-million $ into an african resort/factory, this actor (arms trader) wasn't asking the NKs enough questions or nailing down the details into his operation. A factory on an island? How are his raw materials arriving? Is there the required infrastructure for an engineering factory?

The resort? Why is it a desirable destination that Africans or foreigners would want to visit? If I'm thinking this surely the NKs were doing same? Sidn't they even research this supposed investors group of companies?



I turned it off after about 25 minutes, there's only so much footage of palid Danish weirdos standing to attention as someone plays the NK national anthem off their phone I can watch before the novelty wears off.

Also found it odd that he was supposedly a big cheese in those groups, even doing media interviews but somehow his wife didn't know? Strange bloke.


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If he is gen then i would say his days are numbered, no one takes the pish outta the Supreme Leader, Kim Kong-Wrong-un and lives to live another day.

Mrs Slocombe

That Spaniard seems to have previous. Yes, all a bit strange. You've got to have some balls to go to the hermit kingdom and film the norks secretly.


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It was a very odd program. I will probably watch the next one.

I got the feeling it is kosher. It would have been too difficult to fake it.

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