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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by error_unknown, Jan 23, 2002.

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  1. Yup thats me .... so watch out skinny, quiche eating gazelle dudes!  Best get your Lx cse bids in quick.


    P.S Am getting grief on other boards -
    Cav - Who's the daddy
    Int Cell - Voyeurism
    All help gratefully received
  2. Sumo - aren't you big enough to look after yourself?
  3. Sumo..i think i know you dont I?  Did you email me about this site when it had less than a hundred hits?
  4. I'll help ya mate:


  5. Lynx pilots. Hmmmmm. Taxi Drivers who earn less than black cabs.............Think about it!!!!

    Get down where its at!
  6. Obviously a chap who:

    a. Has never flown one
    b. Hasn't heard of flying pay! Upper rate now believed to be in the region of £30/day.

    Where exactly is it at?
  7. Enhanced Flying Pay around £36 a day, every day, 24 hours a day. Majors wage without the need for a degree in under water soot juggling.
  8. Money isn't everything you sad old sod,  am quite happy on the money that i earn, and i do earn it. Unlike you, sitting around from day to day, sticking maps together, and drinking coffee.
  9. Mmm, no need to bite! You will find that we earn our dosh too. Your right, money isn't everything. We don't yet live in a communist state so you get paid what your worth.  ;D

    Guess we are just lucky to be in a position where we get a decent wage. Or is it luck? ???
  10. If you lot were paid only when you flew then you wouldn't be so cocky, the majority of you sit around on your arses, just about keeping your currency going. Most of you are a complete waste of space!  
  11. That's right, and do you know what. We do it out of choice!!!.................OR B!!!!
    The majority enjoy flying to the extent that if the Corps gave us more reliable bits of kit, or Aircraft with better spares support, to fly we'd think about doing it for far less!

    Think mind!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  12. qman, not even going to mention £30,000! I'd do it for nowt!

    PS, when did you fail grading?
  13. You probably don't fill the criteria for the £30,000, so what are you going to do when you leave the Army...................................... Drive a taxi, because that is all you do now. By the way I never did do grading, because I couldn't work with so many HUGE egos.
  14. Plonker!

    Thoroughly enjoy the Taxi driving as opposed to your bag of King Edwards you're carrying on your shoulders. Do you enjoy your job? Could you have achieved more? Or are you happy with your lot? I am.

    BTW, next September ta! 8)
  15. What is the matter with qman? Did the aircrew find another way of getting the kit that he couldn't or did they hand back some equipment that wasn't packed neatly?

    qman, get a life (or a job that pay's more than what you're on now as it's causing you to carry a chip on your shoulder) and stop being a total Knob!!!

    Tough if you don't like the incentive scheme, maybe if civvi street had been gobbling up qmen like they have been pilots then there may be a need to pay retention in your trade as well.

    As it is Tesco and ASDA have enough shelf stackers thanks to the continually failing educational system.

    :mad: :mad: :mad: