The Moderator has Spoken

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gash_Handlin, Jan 25, 2002.

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  1. Well chaps (and chappesses ;) ) I have agreed to take time out from my busy 9-5 duties moderating the Sapper forum to help out in the TA world. Obviously work commitments mean I won't be able to attend all the time and I'm obviously not going to be here on Tuesdays or Weekends so you will all have to promise to play nicely when I'm not here  ::)

    now who wants to volunteer to be the first to allow me to test this nice big Delete Post Button the CO left lying around ;)


  2. Oh go on then Humph!!!
  3. might just wait till you get to int ;) and your plan for board domination is almost complete ;D

    Is this a bet or do you just have far too much time on your hands  ::)
  4. Sorry tara, had to test teh delete button there, you had quite clearly gone mad ;D
  5. I guess if you were real Army it would have worked!!!
  6. Come on Humph, do it, do it!!
  7. He aint got the balls or the know how!!!

    Cheers Humph for making the other night the actress said to the CGS   oops sorry I meant bishop
  8. got both the balls and the know how Tara, I deleted your second reply to this thread where you made some derogatory remark, can't remember what it was now :D
  9. Listen in...

    I'm going away for a few weeks and wont be able to check my email.

    If anyone has a problem/ wants to snitch etc. please dont press the "Report this post to a moderator" as this only emails me.

    If something appears that you really don't like, please contact one of the other moderators and let them know youre concerns, they can then take whatever action is deemed necessary.

    have a nice month or so and I'm sure I'll have fun catching up on my return ;D