'The MoD would rather let Ben die than pay for him to recover'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by memoryloss, Jun 30, 2012.

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  1. 'The MoD would rather let Ben die than pay for him to recover': Mother of hero soldier Ben Parkinson tells how her son refused to give up against all the odds | Mail Online

    'The MoD would rather let Ben die than pay for him to recover': Mother of hero soldier claims his own resolve - and not 'careless' Government - helped him to walk again

    'I suppose our view of the MoD is that there is very little care for the soldier as a person. The soldiers lives have never been worth a great deal.'

    A absolute damning indictment, the MOD should hang their heads in shame
  2. Based on my own experiences in the early 80s the attitude of the medical professionals can be rather off. If I'd listened to them I'd have been stuck in a wheelchair and out after only 4 years in. I went on to do a further 10 before that injury got the better of me.

    It's not the MoD but the actual people treating the patient. YMMV. I reckon this is a non-story.
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  3. More Daily Hiel rabble rousing.
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  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    I did listen to them and let them perform multiple surgical procedure which finished of any career I'd have had and still 20 years later I'm dealing with the repercussions of it. Still musnt grumble, I gets a pension and a blue badge out of it.
  5. Quite right. I mean the mod hasnt spent millions investing in first class recovery and aid for people injured has it?
    The problem we have is that our kit is almost too good now. Wounds that would kill someone 15-20 years ago can now be survived. We are in a new workd of trying to work out how to provide the best possible life long care to peopke like ben, and we're learning on the job. I have incredible respect for him, but the idea that mod (or rather the army) doesnt care is so far off the mark its scary.
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  6. Maybe, but it can seem like that at times. I don't pretend to have the first idea about what Ben and his mother have been through over the last 6 years. I've had enough contact with the AMS to know that at times it does feel like people just don't care, and that they'd be happy to just fob you off (or PAP10 you in todays Army) rather than try and give you effective treatment.
  7. Whenever a thread mentions the MoD, invariably Jim30 pops up almost immediately to put the MoD [civvy] side of things in a good light. Am I alone in thinking that [even when he is in Afghan locale] that he the MoD's [civvy] official or semi-official placator? Is this a paid position? [As he seems to be monitoring ARRSE all the time] ..... or is his job so easy that it requires so little time and effort to fulfill? I feel we ought to know.
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  8. Attitudes towards injured servicemen has certainly changed for the better since my day 1971/76. The shame is that it was public outcry that bought about these changes. I've learnt that large government organisations don't feel shame or guilt. As for Ben good luck son. You're a true inspiration.
  9. And mine '68 - '90. So they don't tel you to bugger off and gargle with salt water these days for the sore throat you get with glandular fever? That's encouraging! :)
  10. Exile
    No its not a job. Its a desire to see balance for people who always get slated, even when its not their fault. Although as someone with a part time Commission, which means i'm reserve /cs untermensch, i've done tours in rig and civvies, so i'd like to think i've sufficient relevant first hand experience to comment.
  11. The only thing annoying about him is his pompous blog, but he can be forgiven that and the fact that he's a 'STAB' Matelot. In fairness, he does provide a balance on opinions as to the 'ghastly faceless people at the MoD' whom we all love to hate. Most of our contacts with 'civil servants' however come in the shape of some SSOs and other MSF (not all) whose conduct does little to enhance our opinion, in particularly when they are the face of the MoD within Garrison. Little do these plebs care, that by trying to re-enact their previous management skills developed over 22 years or more, they create the impression that all CS are *****. Joe Squaddie doesn't feel the need to look any farther when he encounters clowns like the SSO in Bielefeld for example (if he's still there). It's not the nation's favourite Government Department, but there are good amongst it's ranks. Sadly, we don't see many of them as they tend to operate in the background and we tend to judge people on what we see....and read in the Daily Mail.
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  12. Just for clarity - you are STAB/cs untermensch. Those of us who are on the reserve list don't generally like being lumped in with the TA!

    Are you still "in rig" or just playing on the operational experience line?
  13. Oh the joy of being stuck in cardiff and bored. I am most definitely still active, although not in anything as vulgar as the ta, although i do need to amend my profile at some point to update it.
  14. I am TA AMS (not that I think it makes any difference) and during my tour at Role 3 in Bastion we worked relentlessly for every case, regardless of severity of injury or prognosis. In fact, I have never worked so hard in my life.

    I really hope someone on here will say the same about care back in blighty.
  15. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Okay....I've met Ben P. at DMRC Headley Court.....where he has received extensive treatment for severe injuries....it is a tribute to Ben's courage and determination that he has got this far with his rehabilitation....it is also, please Daily Mail, a tribute to the long,patient,selfless hard work put in with Ben over many many hours by the physios, prosthetists and others at Headley.

    Without the courage and selfless fortitude of his comrades who did the right thing at the point of injury , the pilots who flew him out of the firing line , the MERT team who kept him alive long enough to reach Bastion, the professionalism of the DMS surgeons ( both Regular and Reservist) who kept him alive on the operating table, the CCAST crew who safely medevac'd him back to the UK, the skill and compassion with which he was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham by both Service and civilian doctors and FINALLY the best part of two years treatment at DMRC, Ben would also not be where he is today.

    He would be a name on a memorial.

    Happy Armed Forces Day - if you are entitled to a Veteran's badge - wear it with pride.

    For the Twittering class: https://twitter.com/mack1267/status/218978997508382720/photo/1
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