The MoD in full calypso collapso mode

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by alib, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Over on Kings Of War The MoD in full calypso collapso mode by ROB DOVER
    My bold, yet it was done anyway. And I'm afraid that's how it will be next time regardless of the means available. The great power reflexes remain embedded in the British establishment, while that is so an expeditionary capability is a necessary expense.

    It was damn close to being a Franco/Brit show this time with poor Barry being embarrassed into a domestically thankless alliance commitment that amounts to "kicking in the door" and hoping DC's scrawny European allies can at least provide the appearance of finishing the job on their doorstep without demanding a huge investment from the muscular but hard stretched Pentagon. That hope may be audacious.
  2. It looks as though Kings haven't actually read the SDSR ;-) The stated future operational capability is:-

    2.15 The new Defence Planning Assumptions envisage that the Armed Forces in the future will be sized and shaped to conduct:
    • an enduring stabilisation operation at around brigade level (up to 6,500 personnel) with maritime and air support as required, while also conducting:
    • one non-enduring complex intervention (up to 2,000 personnel), and
    • one non-enduring simple intervention (up to 1,000 personnel);
    or alternatively:
    • three non-enduring operations if we were not already engaged in an enduring operation;
    • for a limited time, and with sufficient warning, committing all our effort to a one-off intervention of up to three brigades, with maritime and air support (around 30,000, two-thirds of the force deployed to Iraq in 2003).

    On that basis, HERRICK = "enduring stabilisation"; Lybia = "non-enduring complex intervention", which still gives us a buckshee "non-enduring simple intervention" to come...
  3. Ish, given that the associated Stabilisation Op (Herrick) is knocking on the door of twice that number, and no one is prepared to go on record as defining Libya as being non enduring (there is no end in sight yet). Without going into the semantics of the smaller non enduring ops (BG for small scale intervention 1 shot) we aren't exactly balanced as the SDSR foresaw. However things are, as always, slightly more complicated than either of us have stated and I don't wan't to get too embroiled in it as it is more a matter of interpretation than a clear cut B & W case.